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Convert Hex to decimal in C/C++?

Can anyone provide me with a function that would convert a hex value to decimal in C/C++?

The following function converts from decimal to Hex:
string outputashex(unsigned long l) {
     char buffer[1024];
     itoa(l, buffer, 16);
     return buffer;

I need from hex to decimal.
Thanks a lot.

1 Solution
  #include <stdlib.h>
            unsigned long strtoul(const char *S, char **PTR,
                int BASE);

            unsigned long _strtoul_r(void *REENT, const char *S,
                char **PTR, int BASE);

for more information see manual pageof strtoul
Tommy BraasCommented:
Try this;

#include <stdlib.h>

unsigned long inputfromhex(const char *str)
    return strtoul(str, NULL, 16);

If your string contains things other that a hexadecimal number, like "ad23Hi How are you?", you would want to pass in a pointer to get the position following the last digit in the number being converted from that string. The pointer would in the above example point to the 'H' in 'Hi'. E.g.

#include <stdlib.h>

unsigned long inputfromhex(const char *str, char **endPtr)
    return strtoul(str, endPtr, 16);

Hope this helps!
char hex_to_char(unsigned int i)
  char c = i % 256;
  return c;

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