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Hello, I'm jbosch(vosk) and since I entered to EE I would like to make that question, but finally I never done. I would like to know what languages I have to learn to create a game, and if I can learn for myself (with tutorials and samples) or I have to go a "programming school"?
Also I would have another question that never appears on the tutorials: where to start? (when I start to learn HTML I learned a lot of tags before I know that I have to use the notepad to write my codes)
Another thing: I don't mean that I want a program to create games (such as FrontPage or Composer for web pages), I want to write myself (althought I know that will be very difficult).
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joachimcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think a book and tutorails work well. Normally a game is written in C++ but that is a big hurdle to cross also. If you are determined enough you can proably make it but starting out with a simple language might be better. Visual basic is a good start then.

There is also a site which is the best DirectX tutorial site of them all.

Otherwise take a look at If you want to program C++ and OpenGL check

Good luck
Philippe CharlesCommented:
Try Java. You have a lot of demo after download JDK at
And you will be able to develop for cel phone and other portable devices.
Just begin by 2D graphics, and after that try 3D.
voskAuthor Commented:
Thanks both, but I will try with the C++ because already I had downloaded the Java Kit Development from that site and I cannot find where get samples, modify or simply start (surely that I was doing something wrong).
If I have more problems (sure), I'll post more questions.
Thank's for both answers.
I agree with thenaz.Java is good to use in simple game that make you have concept to programming in can find samples application in
voskAuthor Commented:
Thank's GnoMiC, I'll take a look. But for the moment I have already start with the DirectX7 DirectDraw
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