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Proxy Chaining. 50 points under web devlopment.

HI, I'm looking for a way or software to bounce one proxy to another. Here is deal, I'm trying to minimize my internet charges by bouncing all my http traffic through a local proxy server. However, all internet access goes through one proxy server in the first place, so i need to find a way to do proxy to proxy. Please bear in mind that the computers being used are running windows XP, and I do not have administrator privelages. I'm looking for a small software package FREE that is under 10mb, that does not require installation which will allow me to browse the internet via a local proxy, through a proxy. THERE ARE NO LOCAL cgi proxies to my knowledge.

Thanks, SaMuEl

This is a copy of a message i posted under web development (50pts), perhaps someone here will be more able to answer
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Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
Normally, you can configure your proxy to forward some or all traffic to another proxy. what two proxies are we talking about here?
If you're going through one proxy and you want to go on to another proxy before the destination you're only going to increase your network traffic.

Even if the second proxy is local you'll be introducing an extra step in the process.

still not to sure what and why you want to do this. but here's a few things you can do proxy related.

first. you said you can't find a cgi based proxy server. well here it is - http://www.jmarshall.com/tools/cgiproxy/
it's small and free and supports ssl if you properly configure additional mods for it using apache or iis
in any case, you'll still need a web server running perl to make the script work for you. i've tested this using IIS 5.0 and ActivePerl 5.6.1 Build 633

also, this isn't proxy but if you are on the same network then why not use winxp build in nat support. it's call ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). doesn't require anything but 2 nic cards.

another means is to install MS Proxy Server 2.0. i believe it will install on a workstation os. but i can't be sure.

as for your administration access problem, there are free programs and commercial programs that can reset the local admin password as long as you have physical access to the system and can boot into either a boot disk or a cd rom. one program that will do this is here - http://ntpass.blaa.net/ and another is called ERD Commander, which i use. it loads off cd an boots an XP based kernel and lets you do many system admin tasks to troubleshoot failed systems. one option is to change account passwords ;-) but you have to pay for this one. the first one is a linux based boot disk that does much the same thing.

also try this program, Anolog X Proxy Server

well hope that helps
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