bootable cd

I'm a younger technician
i have already boot cd to inspect win98 partitions

but i dont know how to make a boot cd to work with ntfs partitions
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Hi ddere all you need to do is download an NTFS boot disk creator there are quite a few about but this one should work fine

Hope this helps
PS I realise this is for floppies but just copy the files to CD then add data you want on the rest of the media

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All you need is the boot files. Look for how to make boot diskette for NT, it is available through their help. You need the NT boot files. The CD itself does not need to be NTFS.

What do you mean by inspect ?

Do you mean get a command windows to look for a file in case something would happen to MBR or so.

If this is the case checkout NFTSDOS. I don't remember the link, you'll get a few tools in dos kind of environment to copy files and or do a checkdisk of the ntfs partition.

As for booting you just need a regular DOS boot disk with CD drivers.
Make an image of this floppy using winimage for example.

In your CD burning program just say you want CD bootable.
Point it to your floppy disc image.

Put any tools you think you will need on CD including ntfsdos.

Or buy a Partition Magic 8.0, and put that on a bootable CD.

/Hans - Erik Skyttberg

My understanding is that all's you need is bootable diskette to do what you want to do. When you have than, You make image of it and move that to the CD. So the bootable CD can then do whatever the bootable diskette can. I assume you already know most of this, and am unsure which part your knowledge is weaker on.

> What do you mean by inspect ?

I think that is 'view'. For example, with Windoze Explorer.

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The cd NTFS! hahahahahhhehh- i like. You can use a windows 98 boot disc, or an ms-dos bootdisk to created the bootable CD, but to read the info on the HD you'll need a program capable of doing that. NtfsDos is a good one, there are also some others, if you want to do anything like create ntfs partitions on HD's you'll need Gdisk, or something similar. What ever software you use to make cd's, they will have to have an option for making bootable cd's, which it sounds like you already have, just insert the floppy when prompted, and then after the cd is created, add on the files you'll want, such as Gdisk or the NtfsDos stuff. If your just wanting to inspect ntfs drives, copy the ChkDsk.exe files and drivers to the cd, and use them once it's booted up.

Essentially, the part of how to make a cd bootable is the same, what you want to do to the NTFS drives is what really changes, you could use the existing 98 boot cd you have, but to check the disk or add a partition, you'll need to use NT/2000 programs- programs designed to work with ntfs. Chkdsk for 98 won't work on ntfs, but will on fat32. Xcopy for win98 won't work, Xcopy from an NT machine will.

here is gdisk, good documentation in the zip file:
mmmmmmm, why don't you do to make a bootable ntfs floppy, and then create a bootable CD using any cdd creating software, like NTI cd maker, Nero or such.

Check the option named make bootable cd and when the software prompts to the origyn path of the boot floppy, insert the disk, and you're ready to go, you'll have a mirror of your flopy on the cd, and you can add some other utils too.


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