CPU Problem -- Please Help!!

Ok. Well, I have a P2 DIGITAL just lying around and I decided to get it running. All the necessary hardware is fitted and the CPU is in place. All good so far, but when I turn the box on all I get is a blank screen, no BIOS, nothing! As I said, I have a HD, Motherboard, Graphics Card, Sound Card, RAM, EVERYTHING.

Any ideas? Would it be the CPU or some other hardware error?

-Thanks, NICKY
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I assume that you have connected the IDE cables and Power cables in a proper manner.
Do the following: -
1. When you switch on the computer you should see the HDD LED glowing and you will listen to whirring of the Hard disk. Is it there? If yes, your problem might be with the Graphics card. If no, then, please check the connections again and make sure they are tight.

2. If you hear beeps while booting, then the RAM cards may not be sitting in their respective slots properly. Refit them.

3. If beeps still persist, do the same thing for the graphics card.

3. If problem still persists,please replace the graphics card and retry.

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nickypasqueAuthor Commented:
Yes, the IDE cables and Power cables are connected into the correct sockets. I am not 100% sure about the graphics card, so it may be the problem. Anyhow, I will accept your answer, thanks!

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