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DNS Problems

Hi everyone,

My hosting company changed their servers for my website rodneysroses.com

So the entries for the name servers were changed. This change is visible on the whois records.

Now 4 days have past. If I try to access my website from my current ISP(goatelecom.net) i am diverted to my old website(you will see just a folder listing.), but if i log on from some other ISP i get my website.

What does this indicate. Zone transters not taking place? If so, by which name server?

i did this, logging to internet from my ISP, i ran NSLOOKUP rodneysroses.com
It displayed the IP of the old website.

Then went to another ISP did the same and it returned the IP address of the new website.

As i said its 4 days now. Is'int it time all name servers got sysncronised by now.

Please let me know how to correct this problem. not very well versed with nslookup

1 Solution
Hi Rodney,

the reason for this is quite simple. The domain zone transfers have taken place correctly and all has gone through 100% but the old ISP that hosted your DNS has not removed the zone files from their DNS servers. They should have received a mail saying domain transferred successfully but they just haven't bothered removing the old zones.

Contact your old ISP and tell them to remove the old zone files and all will be fixed.

rodney_almAuthor Commented:
Hi steven,

i have not done the hosting with my ISP. It was done with some third party in USA. They moved their servers to a new datacentre. hence the change.

Who do i contact, my ISP or the webhosters?

> , i ran NSLOOKUP

Here's a thought, look at the first line of that response and you get the DNS server, probably primary. You can try to update your tcp properties to reflect the change. While this may succeed, it does not address managing the tables for the old ISP. Quite possibly they still send ALL of their customers to old site. So sure, contact them and release the old association.
> Hey Rodney,
> I feel this is a problem with GoaTelecom. As far as i'm aware, the dns
> servers can be configured to resync their entries after a certain
> (i.e. existing entries)
> New entries will be added everyday and older ones will be checked after a
> week , 10 days, a month or whenever.
> 3 weeks back I shifted my server and had the same problem where with a
> dishnet connection it resolved to the new server whereas on the goatelecom
> server it resolved to the old server. I think the goatelecom servers are
> set to refresh in about a week or 10 days caz thats how long it took for
> the change to show up.
> Best is to contact our buddies at goatelecom and tell them abt it.
> Hope this helps.
> regards,
> Mario

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