5 questions about security.

1. An applet that has been transfered through the SSL tunnel can be forced to communicate with the server (RMI) using the same SSL connection, using the same certificate stored?

2. Is there a standard that is obeyed by all smartcard hardware for revocation?

3. When a smartcard is used to logon to Windows. When the card pulled out, the system can initiate an auto-logout. Is it a standard or depends on the software?

4. How can an applet can access the data inside a smartcard? Is there a standard API / System to do it?

5. Does squid have LDAP support?

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Interesting, but seems some relevance is missing and too many assumptions. Mainly, just because a standard exists, does not mean that vendors will comply, and, if they claim compatibility, that will probably mean they implement some of standard but not necessarly all. Compatible maybe, compliant rarely.

1. I dunno. I don't think so.
2. See above. So a standard or two exists, that does not mean all comply. For revocation look at PKI as sample.
3. Yes. depends on setup. System can. Yes It is standard. Yes it depends on software. Yes it depends on system. And more.
4. I dunno. I think this is not supposed to be possible. There may be API, sure, but not for applet. This sounds like violation of integrity.
5. Huh? This sounds like answer is: irrelevant. The "D" in LDAP is for "directory". I suppose that with all running TCP that there can be compatibilities, but what more support do you want?

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Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
5.- Squid has ldap support. yeap.
look at the manual pages.
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psiXaosAuthor Commented:
It's ok. Please clean it up...
Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
psiXaos: if you are reading the thread, please close the question selecting an answer or maybe some assist. please don't wait until the same crew tries to close the question guessing which was the better answer.

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