Internet setup for Solaris 8


I have an existing internet connection served to my local network by an ADSL modem/ethernet router (IP address

I wonder if anyone can give me step-by-step setup instructions as to when and where to put the following information in Solaris 8.

If necessary you can assume a "new clean install" of Solaris 8 from CD.

Fixed IP address of this machine:
Fixed IP address of my Internet Router:
DNS addresses as supplied by my ISP.
Pop server name (incoming mail) of my ISP -
Mailhost server name (outgoing mail) of my ISP -
mail account name - joebloggs
mail account password - mypassword

. . . have I missed anything else that would be needed for a complete internet setup?



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goodatunixConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Kerrypress -

When you performed the install of the box did you specify the IP address of the machine as fixed and enter everything?  

If so then you need to put the DNS nameservers in the /etc/resolv.conf file.  Entries will look like

nameserver <substitute ip address here without braces>

You'll also need to:

cp /etc/nsswitch.dns /etc/nsswitch.conf

And edit /etc/defaultrouter to point to your router.  The file consists of a single line with in it.  Reboot for the changes to take affect or add a default route manually:

route add default

Then you should be able to do nslookups of ipadresses.


If it responds back then you're good to go.

If you got this box preinstalled and it's not connecting to your network (i.e. you cannot ping the easiest way to enter this information is to log in as root and type:


This will remove all the routing and network information from the box.  When you reboot you'll be prompted for information like hostname, ip address, etc.  Then you can follow the steps mentioned above.

As for the POP email informaiton.  There are a large number of email clients you can use.  Solaris comes with Netscape installed in the default install.  You can use communiator to get your email if you are familar with that.

kerrypressAuthor Commented:
Many thanks to "goodatunix" - my internet connection was up and running within minutes.
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