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Oracle 8i Backup & recovery

I need some guide and knowledge in these scenarios of backup and recovery purposes:

(1) Loss of control file;
(2) Loss of a data file of system tablespace;
(3) Recover a lost data file from archive logs.

What are the steps in dealing with those situations.
Please guide. Thank you.
2 Solutions
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
I think you should take some time to read the RMAN guide, and play around with a test database (note: you should create a database, and put some batch files in place that stop the current test database, and replace them with a know good version, and start that version. This helps alot when you try to build some crash scenarios )

(1) This is done with RMAN:
-> back up this file "to trace" regulary. This can be done with RMAN: backup controlfile to trace
-> restore = either you take the controlfile in the trace folder, or ask RMAN to restore the controlfile.

(2) Again, with RMAN you restore and then recover the system tablespace. For this step, the database needs to be in NOMOUNT state, so RMAN can connect to the database, but in the same time write over any existing system tablespace files.

(3) 2 scenarios:
* you have a full backup (hot or cold) after the time the archivelog file has been generated -> all is fine.
* you don't have a full backup. Then, you can only recover to the point of the last archivelog file before the gap. This is why in case you loose an archivelog file, you should take a full backup ASAP.

First off all, you have to have a cold (or hot) backup of all datafiles, control files and redolog files in adition database must be running on archivelog mode.

1. If the control files are lost:
   i. shutdown db
   ii. copy control files from backup  to original location
in SVRMGRL or SQLPLUS (as sys or internal user)
   iii. startup mount
   iv. issue the command
        recover automatic database using backup controlfile;
        alter databse open;
Thats it!

2. If a datafile of the system tablespace lost:
   i. Shutdown db
   ii. copy the file from backup to original location
in SVRMGRL or SQLPLUS (as sys or internal user)
   iii. startup mount
   iv. recover automatic datafile 'your datafile';
       alter database open;

3. Same as 2.
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