Graphics Programming in C++

I need to know where to get a graphics library, how to install and configure it and make it work, could anyone please help me with this? I am using dev c++
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Well use GDI & GDI+ they come with the OS and you can do all you want!


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And if you need more speed, try using DirectDraw - for this you have to download Microsoft's DirectX SDK
This is the C++ topic area.  C++ has NO graphics capabilities at all.

You should ask this in a more appropriate topic area.  If you are targeting Windows, the Windows Programming topic area might be better.
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You could use Glut with/or OpenGL...

Take a look at
You should consider the Qt toolkit (

- Using the QPainter class you can do paintings (lines, circles, rectangles, polygones, bitmaps) in a widget.

- It also knows the QCanvas class for more complex 2D objects (which may be moved, may have transparency).

- And there is a QGl class for 3D OpenGl graphics.

- If you want to plot x-y graphs you may look for the Qt based Qwt library.
Use OPEN GL, its the best

#include <gl/gl.h>               // Standard opengl include.
#include <gl/glu.h>              // Opengl utilities.
#include <gl/glaux.h>            // auxiliary functions.
#include <gl/glut.h>             // This is the header file for Glut.

there is loads of open gl hep on the internet , from tutorails for newbies to gaint mass pojects and activities, just search on google.
mosr compliers come with it , but if you don't have teh libires goto :

are the best, they both tell you how to set it up in what ever complier.
I do not want to start a war but 2D graphics with Opengl is not my idea of "the best".

The question was quite broad, and should have been more specific:

What kind of graphics  2D or 3D ?
doing what : graph, pie chart, bar chart ?
text drawing  (word processor, reports, etc...) ?
game graphics (2D game, 3D game) ?

without precise needs, it is hard to answer, and even harder to claim:
 "Opengl is the best"

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