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Is it possible to create a php-script that runs at a specific time, for example at midnight. I need some sort of script that checks a database and when it finds a record with the date of that day, then a mail must be send at the person who is responsible for the record.
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Yes it is possible you will need to create a script that has no output(this is the best choice), if you do want to output stuff put it in a db or mail it with the mail() function. And then run it with a standalone php binary on the webserver. This is the tricky part not all webservers have this and i do not know if this is possible on windows. On a linux box it is quite simple, on the php site there is a tuturial for this. and than put it in the cron off your linux box. if you do not know how to do this contact your ISP.

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the other solution is to use lynx with a cron job:

* 10 * * *  /usr/bin/lynx
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the other solution is to use lynx with a cron job:

* 10 * * *  /usr/bin/lynx
or my RobotOuaibe program, who launches URIs at specified time of each day. I use it all the time. It's free and 200KB See
Are you hosting yourself, or are you using somebody else?  Are you/they running a Windows server?  If you are hosting it, and you're running a windows server, you'll have to download a cron program for windows.  The best one yet that I've found is "nncron", it can be found here:

I use the lite version.  If you're using a lynx server, then it will already have cron, though if you're not hosting yourself, you'll need to get special permission from your hosting company if they don't allow users to use cron jobs.

It's very easy to use, and there's tutorials all over the net if you have any questions.

Hope this helps!

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