CISCO 2950 - Routing Table

We would just like to know how to display the IP Routing information for our 2950 switch.

Here is the Software Version:
12(5) WC2

Let me know if I have left out anything important.
(Cisco Newbie)
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router> show ip route

you can do other things as well...such as

I have newer code mostly, but here's an idea of the types of options:

router>sh ip route ?
  Hostname or A.B.C.D  Network to display information about or hostname
  bgp                  Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
  connected            Connected
  dhcp                 Show routes added by DHCP Server or Relay
  egp                  Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP)
  eigrp                Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)
  igrp                 Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP)
  isis                 ISO IS-IS
  list                 IP Access list
  mobile               Mobile routes
  odr                  On Demand stub Routes
  ospf                 Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
  profile              IP routing table profile
  rip                  Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
  static               Static routes
  summary              Summary of all routes
  supernets-only       Show supernet entries only
  vrf                  Display routes from a VPN Routing/Forwarding instance
  |                    Output modifiers

Also, depending on what igp you're running (eigrp, isis, ospf)you get other types of commands as well, such as:

sh ip eigrp topology


sh ip ospf database

hope this helps.

show version
and show start area also helpful in gathering information.
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
How can a 2950 have a routing table? It's a layer 2 switch.

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details, details...sheesh ;)


forget that routing protocol bad.

However, the switch will have a default gateway.

It will be the ip default-gateway address in the config...

donjohnston: shouldn't the switch code still show you your default route if you issue the sh ip route command? or is it sh ip default-gateway?

Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
For the 2950's, I don't recall either a "show ip route" or a "show ip default-gateway" command. But that doesn't preclude their existance. ;-)
If the sofware version is 12(5)Wc2, it is not a 2950, it is a 2900XL, they have very different command sets. The 2900 is a L2 only switch, therefore it will not have any route table, only a default gateway.

Basic IP Connectivity to the Switch
The switch uses IP address information to communicate with the local routers and the Internet. You need it if you plan to use the CMS to configure and manage the switch. The switch also requires a secret password. IP information is

Switch IP address

Subnet mask (IP netmask)

Default gateway (router)

Once IP information is assigned, you can run the switch on its default settings or configure any settings to meet your network requirements
HEHE trick questions now?
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I'm sorry, I forgot about this question.

As the true answer to this question is that I'm a moron and I don't know why I asked a stupid question like this, I'll award the points to donjohnston, who was the first one to point that out.  Thanks to everone else who helped.
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