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Cannot change network password

I'm working for a small company where we have a Windows 2k server (with Active Directory) and a few windows 2k and xp client machines.  Our password policy requires that password must be at least "7 characters long and has to have a conbination of UPPER case and lower case characters and some number".  It used to work fine until now.  But, now our employee accounts (and administrator accounts) wont be able to change the network password.  We always get this message when we attempt to change the password: "This password on this account cannot be changed at this time."

Things we've tried:
- Reboot server, reboot client machines
- Change password policy (password can be anything)
- Password never expired
- etc...

And the problem is still unsolved.

Has anyone got into this same prolem?  Any idea how to solve it?  Please let me know.  Thanks.

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How is this password policy applied?  Is it a Domain Controller policy or have you applied a policy to the whole domain?

I would suggest removing as many policies as possible to be sure there's no conflicts.  

You could also try using the gpresult utility on a Windows XP machine to view the result of all of the policies.
NeoCBAuthor Commented:
Hi again,

After rebooting the server several times.  It solved the problem (sort of).  We can change the password now but the old policy still applied (must be at least "7 characters long and has to have a conbination of UPPER case and lower case characters and some number").  What did we do wrong?

JMansford: The old administrator guy left the company a month ago (for a better position at some other company).  So now we (programmers and a new MCSE guy) tried to minimize all the policy restrictions, but it doesnt seem to work.  Where can we locate the "gpresult utility?".

How should we look to change the policy?

gpresult is only present on Windows XP machines, on Win2k machines it's a bit of a nightmare!


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