Regarding Grading System


I believe all of us here on EE have the same goal in mind: To share ideas, help others when questions arise, and to gain a better understanding of some of the more common problems that pop up, and how to handle them.

The only "reward" for this is the grade and the points. The points don't mean much: they won't buy you a cup of coffee, or pay the bills, etc... But they are a means of saying thanks to the person that helped you.

If you take a look at the following question, and the "C" grade that was awarded for my comment to it, you might be able to understand my frustration (some of you have probably had it happen to you as well).

I make a point of trying to take the time to fully answer a question, and all that I ask is for the grade to be fair and just. In my opinion, I provided a clear, exact comment to the question that was asked. That's why the "C" is so baffling to me. Either I did a poor job of addressing the question that was asked, or ???

So as to MY question...
There really is none, I am just interested in comments on this topic. For all (intelligent) comments posted here, I will award 500 points to EACH person that comments (I have enough for 51 people).

This is (hopefully) my way to say thanks to all of you who DO take the time to help others. And to the moderators of EE, thanks for this site; It truly is a great place.

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Russell LibbySoftware Engineer, Advisory Asked:
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I wear a lot of hats...

"The solutions and answers provided on Experts Exchange have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years. I wear a lot of hats - Developer, Database Administrator, Help Desk, etc., so I know a lot of things but not a lot about one thing. Experts Exchange gives me answers from people who do know a lot about one thing, in a easy to use platform." -Todd S.

you can ask at community support for reviewing
the question (i've done this for all my
c-grades i had become last time (3-4 times))

and as i see, which was given ascause of the c-grade
that is not correct.

let review a moderator this q (by asking a question at community support) and let decide him what to do.

meikl ;-)

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Russell LibbySoftware Engineer, Advisory Author Commented:

Thanks Meikl,

I will do just that.

It just gets frustrating at times; the poor grading, the abandoned questions (that have been properly answered), etc...

I will post a seperate question for you so I can leave this open...


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i understand you very good,
its really very annoying and frustrating,
specially, if it is not a correct grading.

yep, keep this q open
i will also read what others do think about this

meikl ;-)
I join to ee few days ago and answer a few question
yep i spend my time and do some efort to do this but tahat is my pleasure

I cen't see what that point's meen that is not pay for my efort my pay is to help if i cen help
and to ask for help if enibody ask for help

meybe if something mey get for points a lot more people will be wiling to answer here.

Like premium membership for mounth if u have this mounth let say 5000 points

????, if you have ever worked in a retail store and had to deal with customers, or people in general, you will get all types of responses, reactions, comments, complaints, being ignored, overlooked, constantly talking, even true insanity, ect. So, I will have to deal with whatever response (or no response, also very frustrating) is offered, hopefully, I have found that the ones who do express thanks and appreciation, make up for those who do not, but the logic of their grading is WAY WAY beyond my understanding, but I think many have NO IDEA what to do when they grade, and spend less than 5 seconds doing that. . . my particular gripe  :-(  ,are those that seem to spend less than 5 minutes making their question, and less time than that eveluating any comments and code, and then seem unhappy with whats happening.

EE is a truly remakable place, I'm glad it's here, , , , although there seems to be ALOT more questions recently, more than I can even read through sometimes
OK, I'm pretty new here, but already I can see that the grading system causes strife.

But I still think it's valuable to say whether the response was a full or partial answer. Although I don't see a need to reflect that in the points given to the answerer.

If the best response was only a partial answer, then it's still the best answer that anybody could/would give and so should get full points.

Hi all,

I think that grade descriptions are misleading. They are defined as three levels of 'GOOD ANSWER'. If 'C' was 'bad', 'B' was 'average' and 'A' was 'good', perhaps almost all grades would be an 'A'.

This usually hapens when a new EE user asks questions. People simply don't read the bottom of the page.

I have had the same problem many times and the most recent is:

Abandoned questions are also frustrating. I started making a record for every question I was expecting points from. When this list (ope question per line) grew more than two pages, I gave up.

Regards, Geo
Hi all,

i really can understand your frustration rllibby! I am still pretty new here at EE, and the first days i was really entusiastc, but day by day this gets less. And the grading one receive is only one of the reasons.

As Slick812 pointed out: the reward and feedback you get here is not very different from a "real world support" _but_ the very big difference here is : _I don't do this for money_ I do it because i want to help people and if i don't get any reward wich is nothing more but a "thanks" it is like spitting in my face. Any each time someone spitted at me i loose motivation to help someone else!!!

Like all the others i have answered to more questions that have never been graded than to those wich have been graded. That does really frustrate me.
I am at a point where am i alreay happy when someone is only answering with comments like "I don't know anything about StrPCopy can you please explain". (Okay at first i think : RTFM, but at least i do know that someone read my solution. Also if it gets even more frustrating if you get still no grade after you began to explain what's the difference between a bit and a byte ;-)

In my opinion the grading system is still good as it is. It is okay, that some grades may not be sufficant, if it is possible to let them be corrected my neutral persons like moderators.
But it keeps frustrating if anwers are not rewarded without a comment.

It is sad but true, that i fear, that these fact one day will be the reason i leave EE.

Hi Russell,
Glad you're still around.
Your discontentment is understandable and I think you have every right to feel that way.I for one have received excellent help from you on several occasions. Not just on this list, but in a private capacity too. Had I had the choice, I would have awarded Double A+' grades. Many of us here have given good solututions to questions and received less than top grade (in my case a B)However, I have answered questions and simply supplied a pointer to a URL and been awarded an A (who am I to argue) I joined EE as a complete novice and thanks to all the Experts I have a much better understanding of Delphi and a lot more knowlege. A point arising from that... When raw beginners come here seeking help and receive good working solutions how can they grade the answer? They simply don't know if it's an excellent, good, or fair solution, only that it works! In that position I always awarded A grades.
I came here looking for help... then I wanted a Master's T-Shirt. The shirts were discontinued and I have enough points now for 3 :-( Now I just come here to help where I can and to learn more from the 'real' experts.
So... To you Russell.... A Grade AA+ and Kudos!
Keep up the good work :-)

(no points required)
Russell LibbySoftware Engineer, Advisory Author Commented:

It has always been my pleasure to help others as well. As it currently stands, the points/grades are an expression of thanks, or discontentment with the help recieved for a question. I do appreciate your input, and a new question with your points will be posted.

I have worked customer support before, and it is very similar. Thanks for your input. A new question with your points will be posted.

Excellent thread, thanks. A new question with your points will be posted.

I agree. Thanks for taking the time to express you comments. A new question with your points will be posted.

I too tried to do the same thing. Keep track of poor graders, and those that abandoned "answered" questions. And like you, I also gave up. :-)
A new question with your points will be posted.

Well said. Thanks for taking the time and commenting on this topic. A new question with your points will be posted.

Glad your still around as well, ... and thanks. I realize you said "no points", but they are being given as "a token of thanks" to all the individuals here that take time to help others. And you fall into that category... so...  a new question with your points will be posted.

Your points are already waiting at:

Thanks to all for the input, comments, and most of all, the assistance you provide to others. (Let me know if I missed anyone)


I know the feeling :(


P.S. Please don't post points for me.
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