Getting rid of the border around an image link.

How do you eliminate the  blue border around an image you've made a link.  I know there's a way, in HTML, to do that.  I just can't remember what the code is.

I think the image looks so much better without that border.

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like this:

<a href=""><img src="" border=0></a>

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The border attribute is deprecated and should not longer be used, the modern way is CSS:

<style type="text/css">
a img { border-style: none; }
what browser does not support the border attr?
what requires more code?

post your answers in the css area...
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a img { border-style: none; } - 29 bytes
 border="0" - 11 bytes PER IMAGE

So unless there are only two images that are links, the CSS requires less code.
I don't think the difference in size makes much of a difference when your talking about a few characters,
Also it's worth noting that the CSS code dorward refered will not be supported by IE3 which is 2% of all Internet users, that is not much but it's worth noting.

By the way to say that border="0" is deprecated is not true because most sites use it, even Yahoo! uses it.
bigger chance a browser support border attr than stylesheet, and no one knows about the guy's intention of putting more than one image
porcupine: Perhaps you should look up what "deprecated" means. It doesn't mean "not in common usage".

The last stats I saw suggest that IE 3 is used by about 0.02% of Internet users.

Cutting out the HTML 3.2 junk that was deprecated when HTML 4 was released makes sites easier to maintain and quicker to load.
dorward: I stand corrected, I thought deprecated meant that it was not future-proof.

And as for the 2% stat that was based on the hits to my site in the last two years, so it may not be totally acurate.

The point I was crudely trying to make is that the border attribute is ok to use and browsers will always be backwards compatible whereas older browsers will not be futer compatible.
The easiest HTML way is this:

<img src="IMG LOCATION" border="0">
I agree, I love css, but it isn't 100% browser supported.

I'd rather have a standards approach, except for those pages that i know for sure who the browser is.
karlziiiAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your comments.  The simple solution to my problem was offered by inudaci, first.  Thanks to all for adding to the exchange and experience.
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