read values from sound card

i want to read the digital values from my sound card, iwant to know the addresses of the sound card
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What is your opereiting sistem?
Al JeeCommented:
Assuming Windows 9x
Settings>Control Panel>System>Device Manager>Sound Card>select card>properties>Resources will show the memory address(s) and the IRQ
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just knowing the address of device would not be sufficient.
u need to know the register structure and access mechanism for the sound card also.
... which are rather different. Probably all sound cards have SB emulation via DOS, but if you use Win9x or any another Win32 system you should use DirectSound instead of direct programming the sound card. Win NT/2000/XP even wouldn't let you modify hardware register values.

Under MS-DOS SB uses port 220h by default. Port, IRQ and DMA channel values are defined in BLASTER variable in autoexec.bat as follows:
where A220 means use of base port 220h (there is a number of ports actually), IRQ2 and DMA3.

Also note that Settings>Control Panel>System>Device Manager>Sound Card>select card>properties>Resources values are dynamically assigned if your sound device is PCI PnP compliant.

I think the question is already answered by StoneG and there is no sense to continue discussing it.

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no way I asked what sistem is his operating sistem! WE make a good team me and StrongG
Al JeeCommented:

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