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simple Cisco router access

Problem: Our office in other city has a Cisco series 1700 router. I need to open the TCP port 80.
I do not know if it is accessible remotely.
Does router need be set in a way to be accessible remotely?
If I use the IP address of that office,do I gain access to its authentication page, and then only by having username and password, I can Access it?

Secoundly, how open TCP port 80 and forward it to a server on the LAN?

Thank you very much.
1 Solution
You are looking at two different things.
1. Remote access to the router via port 80. Yes and no. Yes, you can if the http server is enabled on the router. Most likely it is not. To enable it:
router#config t
router(config)#ip http-server
Now you can access it from anywhere using IE, but you will be prompted for a username/password. Use "enable" as the username and the enable password

2. Passing port 80 to a server on the inside is port forwarding, part of network address translation. If you enable the http server as in #1, then you can't also forward port 80 to another server, but you can change the port number that the http server listens on and still forward port 80.  I would have to see your complete config from that site to tell you step by step how to enable port forwarding of port 80 to an internal host.

Nav444Author Commented:
Thank you Irmoore, I got some idea about what I should do. Actually I was asking questions one step ahead. The step which I skiped is, PASSWord. We lost our password, and looking around for it!!! :-)
Once I find it, then I can try your suggestions, and also send the Conf File.
If you have lost your password, you need to gain physical access to the router and perform a Password recovery procedure,  Bassically it consists of turning the router off, and then back on again, and while it boots up you change the boot register to bypass the password.  you can then change it to whatever you want.

Here is the DOC


P.S. the HTTP server adds additional/unessecary processor cycles on the router.  1700 series routers do not have too much of that to spare.  This is my OPINION, others may disagree,  
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