perform cryptographic operations using J2SE 1.3

Hi all,

I'm writing a Java program using Java 1.3. The program needs to perform asymmetric operations such as encryption/decryption, signature verifications, etc, and I need to use RSA algorithm.

I know that package only provide interfaces for keys such as RSAPublicKey, RSAPrivateKey, etc. I was told that sun provides implementation for these interfaces, but when I look at JCE specification, I don't seem to find anything mentioning RSA.

Could someone point me to the right link or places where I can find the implementation I need? (I can't use Java 1.4).

Thanks a lot!
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Have you tried the Cryptix library?

It's got RSA in it, and "Cryptix 3 runs on JDK 1.1, JDK 1.2 (Java 2) and JDK 1.3"

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I second TimYates.  Cryptix has a decent package. Includes AES, too.  I couldn't get their MD5 to match one I was using ( nor did BouncyCastles or anyone elses, nor did THEY match each others... ) so I wrote my own MD5. Other than that, cryptix is a nicer package than the rest.
emshellyAuthor Commented:
So is it true that SUN does not implement RSA algorithm?
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