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nt4 server to win 2000 advanced server upgrade

I am in the planning process of upgrading a NT4 single PDC to a Win 2000 DC. I have one problem. When I took over the server in my new job I discovered that the server had two processors but that NT4 only sees one processor and is only operating with the one processor. My question is when I do the upgrade to WIN 2K server will the new OS recognise the dual processor and install as appropriate or will I have to do a complete fresh install on the server.
1 Solution
The answer is yes, Win2K will recognize the other processor.  However I would recommend a fresh install, it's just my opinion that upgrades are just that upgrades.
yes it will recognize and I also agree with MSGeek on the fresh install.
alfatecAuthor Commented:
Is it not easier to do an upgrade though as the upgrade will copy all the user accounts and permissions into active directory where a fresh install would surely mean I would have to recreate all the users, groups and redo the permissions or have I got this wrong.
Having to do all that work again is a pain but the limitations of nt are also a pain making a total rebuild good sense.
ie: Win2k boot partition of an incredible size compared to NT.

You can however go beyond the square.

Setup a spare machine with win2k server, add active dir and make a 2 way trust between old and new domain. Obtain and use the active directory migration tool to bring all the users and settings over aswell as all resources and set them up.

Reformat and setup the old server with win2k as an addtional domain controller and move resources back.

You MUST use DCPROMO removal on the spare machine prior to removing it from the domain.

netmage has a good solution if you have an extra machine lying around. I would even use my own workstation if I was in your position and did not have a spare.

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