making an image background transperent

Hi Friends,

Please let me know how to make an image background transperent in adobe photoshop.please send me step by step
procedure because i am new to photoshop using layers.

waiting for the reply,
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When you create a new document you have one layer called "Background". You can either rename this layer, then select all and delete OR you can create a new layer and delete the background layer. Either way youll get a transparent background.

Since youre new to photoshop i would highly suggest reading the manual. It ships with Photoshop to help you through the basics.

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1. File -> new
2. go to the section that says "Contents" the bottom of the window
3. check the third option "Transparent"
you are probably having the same problem I had. You can make an image background transparent, by adjusting the opacity in the layers palette (it's in the upper right corner). If you don't see the layers palette, go to Window>Layers. That's only the first step. To save a picture for the web, and have the background transparent, you need to save it as a GIF file, as JPG and others will not work.

If this still doesn't help, tell me.

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You cant adjust the opacity on a background layer. Period. You have to rename it and delete the background, create a new layer and delete the background layer, or create a new document with a transparent backgrund.
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What version of Photoshop are you using?

1. File -> new
2. go to the section that says "Contents" the bottom of the window
3. check the third option "Transparent"
4. Click on "OK"

Your workspace be filled with checked boxes, this means that the background is transparent.  Now to start drawing your image

5. Create a new layer.  To create a new layer you can either go to the menu Layer->New->Layer.  
Or go to Window->Layers this shows the "layers window" if it's not already opened.  On the bottom of the layers window you can rollover all the icons without clicking on it and it tells you what each icon does.

From the right hand side you should see a garbage can and the second from the right is the icon for creating a new layer.  

6. Draw your image on the new layer you've just created.  Now you may adjust the opacity of the image you've just drawn by going to the "layers window" and adjust it by clicking on either fill or opacity slide thingy.
Havent we already said that?
i think you need to be more specific. Aside from what the experts said above, here's another scenario:

1) If you've already created your document and want to make that bottom layer transparent:
a) Click on the last layer (the one that says background and is locked)
b) Double click that, and click okay (turns it into a layer)
c) Just select all on the layer and delete the background.
d) It should be transparent.

or was it something else you were trying to do?
or maybe vallabhaneni74 wants to remove the background of an existing image... like a scanned image... that really changes everything, whew!
If you want to make the background of an existing image transparent you are going to have to do the following:

1. Using the lasso, polygon lasso, or magnetic lasso, outline the image not including the background.  
2. Cut the image.  CTRL-X
3. File, New, Set background as transparent
4. Paste the image onto the transparent background CTRL-V
5. You should have the image with a transparent background.  You can use the eraser for touchups.

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