Silent DSN with Crystal Reports

I use MAS200 and I am trying to setup a scheduled import of data from MAS200 using DTS in SQL Server 2000. I am able to get data out of mas using the standard odbc connection which is a read only connection provided by MAS. But each time this connection is made you have to supply login credentials. I was told that crystal reports could use a "silent dsn" to bypass this login so that I could then schedule the import to run and it not fail out. Has anyone setup a silent dsn using crystal before? What is it? How do you do it?
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DRRYAN3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The same way you pass a username and password to a standard DSN connection - in the connection string or when you open the connection.
dancorcalAuthor Commented:
I tried this, MAS200 still pops up its own login.
dancorcalAuthor Commented:
I went back and tried again and it worked for some reason a month freakin later.
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