forward problem with sendmail

I create a .forward file under one user's directory. It looks like this:
Then I restart sendmail program, and send test mail. But it seems the Solaris ignores the .forward file. The user still receive email from his previous email address, can't receive from new email address. And I have tested the new email address, it can work. I don't know why. Thank you.
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First of all, you do not have to restart the sendmail daemon when you make changes to or create a new .forward file under a user's home directory. It seems like you have tested sending email to the email address and it works, right ?? Can you send email directly to from the machine you are making changes on ?


What is needed:

version of sendmail, from /var/log/syslog
how is your mailsystem configured,
is /var/mail mounted from a mailhost ?

Can you see any mail forwarded in /var/log/syslog ?

This usually just works, henche the questions
frog77Author Commented:
yes, I mounted /var/mail from another mail server, and the version is 8.11.2. I guess the reason may be in file relay-domains. I see some "relaying denied" in log file. Because our mail server has open-relay problem early, I only create two entries in relay-domains file, one is the mail server, another is this mail client. I send test email from another domain, so I guess mail server can not forward this test email to new address. Am I right? How can I solve this problem?
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So in that case sendmail is not started on your client.

Relay domains limits the domains from the inside that will be relayed and eventually rewritten by the the mail gateway.

This shouldnt be a problem since the sender of the mail is your internal user, the recipiant address has no bearing on this.

If you try to run a verbose test from sendmail, what happens ?

su - to-the-user-with-the-.forward-file
( or login as the user )
sendmail -v user@domain < "some dummy textfile" ( from the .forward file )

There are normally no limitations on recipiants, therfor the problem must be somewhere else.

One more thing, can you check what actually happens when a mail arrives to the user with the .forward file ?

I guess/hope the protection is ok on the .forward file.

Come back again.
check your /etc/mail/ file

do a search on "Forward"

make sure that your seach ".forward" path looks like:

O ForwardPath=$z/.forward:/var/forward/$u

O ForwardPath=$z/.forward.$w+$h:$z/.forward+$h:$z/.forward.$w:$z/.forward
#O ForwardPath=

if your "ForwardPath" is "blank", change it and then restart sendmail.

frog77Author Commented:
I try the command sendmail -v user@domain < /dev/null, it says
Host unkown(Name Server: xxx(our mailserver name):host not found)
Cannot open /home/xxx(username)/dead.letter: Persmission denied
Meanwhile, I set the user's home directory and his .forward file to be not group or world writable. Am I right and how can I solve the problem?
do a nslookup to check if your box can see your mailserver?

If not, check /etc/resolv.conf file to make sure your have the DNS server infor.

frog77Author Commented:
I have DNS server info in resolv.conf. When I check, I found such a line:
#are group-writable:include:and .forward files (un)trustworthy
#O Unsafe Groupwrites
I changed the user's home directory and his .forward file to be not group or world writable. But I did not find any include files.
And in sun's doc website, it is said increased security on .forward files requires that the default shells (as listed in /etc/passwd) of all users trying to employ a .forward file to forward mail to a program or to a file must be listed in /etc/shells for the file to be accessed.
So shall I change the /etc/shells to make forward work normally? Thank you.

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