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Computer boot problem.....help needed please

I have a PIII 5000mhz on an ABIT BE6-II m/board with 512mbs PC100 SDRAM - 250w ATX PSU -Creative 8432E CD-RW ,Sony DVD-ROM,GEForce 2MX 32mb graphics card,Yamaha SW1000xg s/card & US Robotics voice winmodem.

the problem;
  When currently switching on the PC,at first the cd-rom leds flash and the Creative CD-RW led nearly always stays on -the monitor goes to standby mode and the pc won't boot at all though the psu fan is clearly audible.I can't switch off using either the power-on or reset switches,only the on-off switch at the rear of the case(though the power-on switch works for the initial switch-on and reset works too once the O/S has loaded).After a few goes of switching on-off-on in this way eventually the pc will boot normally.
  I notice that always when the Creative CD-ROM led stays on the problem occurs - if for some reason the led just flashes normally a few times then goes off,the problem doesn't occur but I can't seem to figure out the cause.
When I first installed the M/board with my current hardware setup,things ran fine for over a year 'til now.
  This problem appears to have arisen out of a previuos problem where the pc booted normally but upon reaching the Win98se desktop would automatically reboot..continuously - until I disabled ACPI in the BIOS.
 n.b. -since disabling ACPI in the BIOS,IRQ 9 is no-longer available despite using the manual configuration options in the BIOS.
  I don't know if all these problems are related but as they all seem to have occured together it seems logical to assume they are.
 Once the O/S eventually loads the PC appears to run with no problem at all though if I need to reboot for any reason I nearly always have to go through the whole problem again.
  I bought a new PSU (cheap 350w P4-ready version) but though it comes on I can't get it to boot the pc at all.Are there any known compatability problems between older m/boards and newer psu's?I enquired when I bought the new psu and was told that it should work fine.
  Any help would be gratefully received...thanks
1 Solution
When you say the computer can't boot:

Does it lock up at the same time during the boot sequence?  At what point does it lock up? (What does it say on the screen?)

When your computer does boot successfully, does it work reliably? Do you ever get blue screen errors or anything like that?

Does your computer test the ram at the beginning of the boot sequence?

Does the computer 'lock up' as I have described above, or turn off?

Does your computer emit a series of beeps when it locks?  If you're getting a series of beeps, you can check what this series of beeps means in the documentation for your motherboard.

Ok Sound's like psu problem Try to find psu around 300W b/c I don't think ABIT BET6-11 can take 350w psu ... (power is too high fot the board. if you ever use 350w, you may burn your board.)
For sure, some time the problem will be solve if you turn off ACPI in BIOS b/c ACPI is a part to control psu.
I suggest you that do not connect HD and 2 CDROM with same power cable(4 pints cable with 1 read 1 white 2 yellow)

two ways to solve your problem
1. find a psu supposrt for P3 (not p4) and it should be around 300w with UL (very important) b/c if psu with UL is more stable with nonUL.
2. try to connect CDROM/DVDROM/HD with different power calbes (individual power calbe. it means psu to CDROM, psu to DVDROM, psu to HD.. not psu to DVDROM to CDROM to HD). it will help you to solve the problem too. Parallel connection is better then Serial connection.  

For this part "currently switching on the PC,at first the cd-rom leds flash and the Creative CD-RW led nearly always stays on"
If both CDROM/DVDROM led wont flash or turn, your borad may have some problem with IDE connectors or power connectors .. maybe IDE cable demaged or CDROM demaged
a30w11w53Author Commented:
to Moyea;
 Thanks for the detailed answer - I appreciate the info regarding m/board incompatability with 350w psu - very important and I will heed your advice.
 FYI, at present I have the CD-ROM + DVD-ROM connected via the same IDE cable on IDE channel 2.
  On IDE channel 1 I have Western Digital 20gb 7200rpm hdd(master)+ Quantum Fireball 8.4 gb 5400rpm hdd(slave).
 I should add that the problems first occured when connecting an IBM Deskstar 60gb 7200rpm hdd which subsequently died and was replaced with the WD 20gb model.
 I had previously only run 5400rpm hdd's and the my guess was that the upgrade in speed required a more powerful psu,so hopefully the correct model will solve the problem.
I agree - ATX12V PSU's are meant to be backwards compatable, although this may not always be the case.

You can take this advice or leave it, but maybe you could try,, after checking all the power and ide cables and firmly pushing that atx mobo cable in, clearing the cmos and let it auto detect everything again.  And check your cmos battery(~3v).
Okie, so you tell me you have 2 HD with 1 CDROM and 1 DVDROM.... now I suggest you to try different psu with 300W now ... In my experience, some expensive 300W psu can really support 2HD wiht 1 CDROM and 1 DVDROM, some don't ...You should mention the 2 HD first two.. \ /  

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