pci version

how do you determine what version your pci slots are?
I tried looking up my motherboard info and it wasn't there.  Is there any programs out there that can detect it?
I'm installing a ATI 7500 radeon VGA which requires a PCI 2.2 compliant slot. But I'm not sure what my Aptiva has.
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use diagnostics software like sisoft.com' sisoft-sandra

which mobo???
when u boot the comp, see what the last line says.
write that whole string and post here.
that could help detrermine which mobo u have and we can search for the manuals. manuals mostly give that info.

and if ur pc goes fast while booting. press pause key to stop it and then write the info from screen.
evilmethupAuthor Commented:
thanks i tried the software, it works. turns out i have a 2.1 pci slot. is there any chance i can upgrade the slot with out buying a new motherboard? ehehe
you can do it without buying a new motherboad...just buy a secondhand....ha ha ha
in short, u cannot without changing mobo...

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