Turbo C 3.0

I have more questions to ask. I'm just the beginner in programming.

1. I have Turbo C 3.0 in my labtop and I want to compile a program from Internet. The error told me like "Unable to open include file NETDB.H" ( even I set the directory correctly ) . When I modify some parameter at Compiler => Source, I choose Unix V instead of Turbo C++ and recompile again, the error above doesn't occur anymore ( but another error :)  )  How to compile this program ?

2. Is my Turbo C library the same as C library on linux or Unix ? Can I copy the Linux Library to my labtop and compile a program using it ? If I can't do that how can I do ?

3. In case of the error "Unable to open include file NETDB.H" or something like that, If I want to make it work, what else to download? and Where to find them ?

4. If I get some C or C++ files from the internet and I want to know whether it is the source from Linux, Unix, or Turbo C, How to know ?
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That's three questions, not one. Worth 4x50 = 200 points, but i guess you do not have those.

1. If the code shall run correctly you HAVE to include the NETDB.H file which means that you need to have it resist in the same directory as your .c file.

2. I am not sure but i do not think you can use the libs. Well how can you do it elseway, get a working library.

3. Well NETDB.H might be a .h file which comes with your example code. However, go for google with that query:


4. The only way to see that, is to take a look on the used functions. You need to have the documentary of all the types to compare them. Anyway, right INSIDE the code, without knowing the differencies between Linux C, Unix C or Turbo C.

Cheers mate.

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1.  Agree with the above.  You will need to find the source for NETDB.H and the source for NETDB.C to create the library.  I can almost guarantee there is not a Turbo C compatible .lib available especially for Turbo C v3.

2.  No the Unix or linux libraries will only run on a Linux or Unix machine.  I am guessing but knowing the age of Turbo C v3 you are probably MS DOS 6 or Windows 3.1

3.  Agree. You will need to go back to the site where you foud the source code and try to find the NETDB.h and probably the NETDB.c files.

4.  If they are pure source code there is no real way to tell.  The only way to tell is if there are comments or documentation that tells what is required to compile the programs.  C  and C++ source is relatively platform independent.  What wil make a difference is the library or lib files you have to include.

good luck
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