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Re-compile Red Hat 8.0

My Red Hat 8.0 has problem with the USB. I can't start the computer if there 's something pluged in the USB port (Webcam ...), the start process stop at "Initalizing USB controller", when I unplug all USB connections, Red Hat works properly. I 'd like to remove the USB component from my kernel so that I don't have to unplug the USB connections each time I want to work in Linux, but I don't know exactly how to do it. I've read the instructions about re-compiling the kernel, but they are all complicated. Could somebody give me some simple instructions? Thanks.
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You could re-build the kernel as you've said.

But you also could choose not to load the driver module for your USB controller.

If there's any line for it in /etc/modules.conf, comment it out (with a '#').  And in order for it to not be detected at each boot, disable the 'kudzu' service (use the "Server Settings/Services" in the menu, or run 'ntsysv' from a shell).

Note that that will also disable detecting any other hardware changes to the machine.  If you just want to disable USB I believe putting "nousb" on the kernel command line (in grub.conf, if you need help with this let me know) will work, although I am not positive.
A quick fix is to comment out the USB line from /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit.

What model of PC are you using, and what version of kernel?
uname -a will tell you this.

I've heard of this happening on some IBM & Toshiba laptops.
If you edit that file, you'll need to be concerned about what might happen should an update to the the "initscripts" package be installed.

But you do raise a good point; looking in that file you can see where it greps '/proc/cmdline' for "nousb"; /proc/cmdline contains the kernel command line options passed to it by the bootloader.  So adding that option to the kernel command line should be the easiest and cleanest solution (other than fixing the problem, if there is a fix).

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