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How to Print in Vector Format ???

Hi together!

I am working on an application in Visual Basic, which manages printing. When i try to print a rotated font, what happens, is that the printer output is really bad.

(Please do not refer me to the MS Knowledge Base-Article KB132689)

I tried to inform myself on that topic, and found the following page:


They say, what is needed, is called printing in the "Vector Format". But they only tell you to buy their soft, instead of explaining to you how it works.

So that is what i need know - how it works !?
How to print in Vector Format in Visual Basic?
Or how to print Picture Box Content in GOOD Quality?
Any suggestions, comments, answers, solutions?

(This question might be worth 200 points, if i had 200 points, or a credit card and the will to BUY them, i would have given out 200 for this question. Sorry about it.)
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1 Solution
This extremely basic code will print the entire program window, which I'm not sure will suit your needs, but here it is anyway:

Private Sub cmdPrint_Click()
End Sub

Hope this helps!
spiritwithinAuthor Commented:
Thanks mate, echobravo316. But there are two problems with this:

1.) I use a picture box with the content, and i guess "PrintForm" is not usable for a picture box. Alright, i could make another form and set the picture property of the form to the image property ot the picture box, but what for, it does'nt work anyway because of ...

2.) ... Visual Basic standard printing routines do not print the data in vector format, which means that the output is extremely bad. And imagine i use rotated fonts, which means that the output must be 1:1 screen:printer.

Thanks anyway. I'm looking forward to further ideas, suggestions & solutions.
spiritwithinAuthor Commented:
To all users, experts, answerproviders and all of you friendly people!

I have made a request at the Community Support, to move my points from here to my new question: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Programming/Programming_Languages/Visual_Basic/Q_20544297.html

The reason is that the new question is mainly covering the same topic as this one does, and it is still the same problem. I know now, how to ask concretely and without confusing the readers of the question. Therefore, and because nobody would answer this question anyway, i decided to create a new one, with better formulation.

The Community Support will honor my request if the participants of this question have no objections. The minimum of 72 hours has to be passed from the moment i post this entry here. Then they will - as far as i understood it right - move my points so that my new question's award fits it's value.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Cheers & Love

In missionary to:
Prior to deleting or PAQing any questions, all participants in the question must be aware of your intent and have at least 72 hours to reply. Please post in your original question that you have made your request at Community Support and that they will honor that request if participants have no objections.
Your question will be left locked here until you have posted your intent at your question, and at least 72 hours have elapsed from that point. At that time, a Moderator will handle it for you, or respond to the reaction you receive in that question.

Please do not accept this answer until the final decision.

** Mindphaser - Community Support Moderator **
PAQ'd and points moved


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