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XP Network problem has me stumped

Background here is I had a perfectly good working network with one PC on XP (the one with the ADSL modem) and Win 2000 on the other.  Have now lost the Win 2000 machine and am putting on a new XP machine.

Problem has me totally stumped, but I hope will be something obvious to an expert.  Will give all the info I can, hopefully not too much to confuse things:

PC 1:
ADSL Modem & Network card.
Motherboard ethernet adapter - ASUS P4G8X.
Standard XP set up home network thing, except I changed the IP to be

ADSL card has these ticked:
            Client for MS Networks
            QoS Packet Scheduler
            Internet protocol TCP/IP

Bridge (LAN) has the same as above but also file/print sharing

Only weird thing  is the onboard network is found as two devices - a LAN card and something called "1394 Connection".  XP then makes a network bridge for those 2.  I have no idea what all that is about, but it was there and functioned for the old system, so what the hell.  Any advice on how best to handle this one also appreciated.
Standard network card & XP setup.
Changed IP to be, Gateway to be and prmary DNS - because all that used to work

Network hard as all the items above ticked (i.e. MS net, file share, QoS, Internet protocol)
What happens?

Both PC's can see each other, and the HDD's. Try and click on a network drive and everything sits thinking about it for ever (hourglass going) and doesn't come back.

What has me really stumped is that it even does it if you try and look at the HDD on the same PC as you are on via network places.

ADSL off the main PC works fine, can do all the usual Interweb stuff.

Both machines can ping each other.  Both machines can ping to the outside world (i.e. second PC can see out through the main one)

BUT (and I think this is linked to the network drive problem .....

On the second PC if you use IE it will find the web site but then just sit waiting for a response.  (Like waiting to list the files on the HDD I suspect).

It is not cables or network card hardware errors (I am pretty sure) as if I use the same cables and card in an old machine I had running Win 2000 the Win 2000 machine can browse the net etc.

One other thing ..... at one point I did have the two machines able to view the othger's HDD, but no longer.  I did have a firewall installed but have taken it off completely (complete uninstall) to make sure it is not messing things up (no XP firewall on ADSL connection either).

Ok, can't think what else to add.  Happy to supply more info where needed.

Thanks in advance.

*fingers crossed someone is going to say "you forgot to untick the <something-or-other> box, that'll fix it"*
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1 Solution
I think that as the 1394 connection is a firewire port,
not relevant.

It may be a permissions problem, are you runnning home or professional edition?
Are they both in the same workgroup?
Has the new machine the same name or ip address as the old one?If so change them both.
Do you have any drives or ports mapped?

Try opening a dos window and typing "ipconfig /all" on both machines, may give you some clues.

At the worst, you may have to strip out and reinstall networking

Oh, and it might work better if you set the second machine to automatic ip address etc.(ICS works as a dhcp server)
StevessAuthor Commented:
Running XP Pro.

Yes, both in the same workgroup.  They can see each other etc (which is what I think workgroups do).

Drives are all set to be shared, yes (I assume you mean that).

What do you mean by strip out networking?  I have uninstalled the adapters etc and then set them up again.  Is that what you mean?

Thanks about the firewire tip, as yes, the MB has firewirs (not that I am using it) and I had no idea that looked like an ethernet adapter :)
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I think this is going to be a Windows XP sharing issue, not a networking issue.  You obviaously have layer 1,2,3 connectivity if both computers can ping each other and surf the internet.  

You may have already done this but I did'nt see it above, give this a shot and see what happens

Try this on one machine
1.  change your workgroup to something unique not "workgroup" or "computers" or "home" maybe a long # like SSN or your home PH# or some long made up string of numbers/charaters deffinatly uninstall and reinstall file and print sharing, <--This could also be the problem.
2.  Make sure both machines are using your ISP's DNS IP addresses and not your machine, it may work, but if XP is acting as a bridge it may pick up those requests and foward them on as itself.(this could very well be the problem)  Windows in some cases in corperate domains it uses its own domain controller for those shared drives.  If you dont have DNS services installed on machine one, it may not know what to do with those packets, as its acting as a network bridge.
3.  Try to share just a folder and see if you can get that to work
4.  Drink a beer
5. If this does'nt work -----> I dunno reformat? lol J/K
LOL, I cant spell sorry
StevessAuthor Commented:
Ok, getting there, thanks guys ... but not quite there yet.  I think, along the lines Tom was talking of, I am not just left with a DNS problem ... I think.

I did reformat, as I think it was tooooo twisted, and all I had was XP on anyway, I hadn't put anything else on at all.

Primary PC (with the ADSL modem): All good for internet AND can now see the HDD on the other PC.

I have sharing enabled for the actual ISP connection, not the ADSL ethernet card, which I think is correct as it is sorta working.

Second PC: Sees the main PC fine now :)  I can ping through it from the DOS prompt to the interweb, using actual addresses (I mean www.something.com) and works fine.

Using IE I can get all the Microsoft sites *yawn* and some, selective, other ones.  Tried a few local ones and some are super fast, some just sit there and never find it.  Try with the main PC and they are there and working fine (i.e. it's not the sites down).

So I suspect DNS (he said, as if he understands).

Everything on the second PC is automatic now (i.e. IP etc).  

I did try and add the ISP's DNS to both connections (it didn't seem to need it for main PC but I added it anyway).  Made no difference.  By this I mean I added it the TCP/IP, Advanced, DNS and in the "Append these DNS suffixes (in order)".

Closer than I was, have SOME web sites now at least *laugh*

Now what?

You need to put in the dns server addresses, not the suffixes.
The suffixes may limit your access, as you will be going via your ISPs network, I think.
Try removing the suffixes, and copy across the dns server ip
 addresses from your main machine.
(you can find them using ipconfig /all)
apparently there are problems with ICS and AOL on xp:(

StevessAuthor Commented:
Ok, problem turned out to the MTU setting, whatever that is.

Found a web page that described the problem exactly and showed how to fix it.  

It is a known problem with XP and ADSL for ICS.  It is a weird one that lets you ping anywhere and actually brows the occasional web site, such as Microsoft.  The fix here worked perfectly.

Details here:


Thanks everyone for the help though :)
StevessAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone.  Can only give points to one person, but everyone helped.
oops, the aol xp ics thing was posted to the wrong question, sorry:)

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