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Burnt CD skipping near end

I have burnt a CD from Mp3's and have found that it begins to skip towards the end (starts around track 8) till it get to the point where it won't play.

It didn't do this when I originally burnt it. Was wondering if I was unlucky with a bad blank CD or if this is what they mean by CD rot?

It's strange that the first tracks are fine. Was wondering if there might be a setting or alteration I can make to fix this. I'm using Nero with a LiteOn CD burner.

Any help would be great.

1 Solution

Well the problem here sounds like it lies within the CD.  And possibly the CD Player.  Some things to try, is to try cleaning the CD, make sure there are not very many scratches, and you can always try playing the CD in a different CD Player or CDrom drive.  Also try cleaning your CD player.  You can also try to reburn another one.  Blanks are cheap nowadays anyway.  So you may try that.
And try different media.  Does your CD always skips at the same spot?  or different spots on Track 8.  Try to watch the timer and see when it skips....and try it again when you are satisfied with getting at least a few of the times when it skips down.  So when you play it again try and see if it produces the skips in the same spot.  IF it is doing it in the same spot, it is most likely the media or burnt CD is damaged or dirty in those particular spots.  If the skips are always different, it could be your player that is not strong enuff to read the burnt image or that the cdplayer itself is dirty etc...
I had the same problem with an older player.  For the cd's to work right on the old player, I had to burn in a slower speed... 2x :(
Interesting comments - we had a problem with an application CD involving large files. Some clients could not read the large files 100% of the time and the application would crash.
We remastered the CD (at 4x) and that seems to have solved the problem. I don't know, however, at what speed it was originally produced.
I had assumed (but this could be wrong) that the file sizes were not accurate when the CD Writing package started to burn the CD and this messed up the larger files toward the end because it had to fragment them.
Could this be a similar situation ?
Is this hypothesis even a reasonable one ?
It looks like a problem of CD player. You could easily ensure what happened if you will try to play the recorded CD using the same drive you had written it (if it has audio out) and CD player software. If the CD plays OK, the problem is within your CD player. Try to clear your CD player lens with air pump (do not use any other methods!). If the problem persists, transport it to your service center and ask the specialist to clear it. If you still experience the same problem, the reason could be inproper blank CD. Maybe you use CD-RW disks. Try to use CD-R's instead. If you already use CD-R's, maybe it's working surface is too dark for your CD player (it may be coloured). Try to use CD-R disks with a light surface. If your CD player is very old, the reason could be using of CD-R's larger that 74 min's. Try to limit your CD capacity to 74 minutes and (if it is possible) use 74-minutes CD blanks.
P. S. Note that Nero MP3 experiences a problem with some MP3s which leads to a fault during CD burning proccess. The disk becomes spoilt. You may convert MP3s to 44KHz 16-bit stereo PCM wave files and then burn it.

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