BDE & SQL server

I am using BDE with SQL server.
When the program refers the SQL server the cursor changes to Hourglass with small SQL icon. I need to disable this feature. Is this possible?
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kretzschmarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
just from the delphi online-helpfile

Indicates whether or not the mouse cursor changes to an hourglass during BDE operations.

property SQLHourGlass: Boolean;


Set SQLHourGlass to False if you do not want the mouse cursor to change to an hourglass while the BDE is waiting for an SQL server to perform an operation. This property must be set before the session is opened.

meikl ;-)
just place at appstart this line
(maybe in the mainform-create-event)

session.SQLHourGlass := False;

if you use a other session than the default-session,
then replace session with your tsession name

meikl ;-)
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