Win2k Server ICS - Mac iexplore "specified server could not be found"


I've recently upgraded to windows 2000 server from Windows 98. I'm trying to share an Internet connection on a windows 2000 server machine to 4 ibooks (this worked fine before in windows 98.) when i try and connect to a webpage on any of the macs i get the message "the specified server could not be found."

I've messed about with various TCP/IP settings on the macs but ive settled on these (below)after reading another post on this forum.

Ethernet/Using Bootp Server(Advanced Settings.)
Subnet Mask:
Name Server Addr.:

The win 2000 machine is giving my ibook an I.P. (192.168.0.XXX) but i still can't load web pages. I'm thinking its a problem with the server machine though I have no way of testing with a windows client.

the Win2k Server is connected over ADSL with the internet connection's "enable ICS" tickbox on.. the Server's LAN connection properties are currently as follows..

Client For Microsoft Networks
File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
NetBEUI Protocol
AppleTalk Protocol(Unticked)
Network Monitor Driver(Unticked)
Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Preffered DNS Server:
Alternate: Blank

I have no idea about how to set the advanced settings.. but when i close the advanced box i get the message "this connection has an empty primary WINS address."

maybe this should be on the winNT net board but i reckon more people here may have experienced the problem..

any help would be greatly appreciated as ive been at this thing for a couple of days:)

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Tommy BraasCommented:
Try changing the network settings on the iBooks to:
Configure: Using DHCP

And in the DNS Servers text box add the IP address of the Win32 server AND the real nameserver addresses from your ISP.

Let me know if that works out for you.

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lap_dog_shuffleAuthor Commented:
To enter multiple DNS IPs in DHCP on mac i just put each IP on a new line yup?.. it dosn't seem to work sorry.

i really can't understand this!!

when i flick to dhcp for a few secons i'm assigned an IP of "" wich is completly wrong!!.

(my server's LAN address is ""!!) it corrects itself back to "192.168.0.XXX" after a few seconds //

Bootp gives the correct address straight off..
Tommy BraasCommented:
Yes, you would just enter a DNS server per line.

Are you running Mac OS 9 or X on your iBooks?
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lap_dog_shuffleAuthor Commented:
yup its OS 9..
Tommy BraasCommented:
I was just thinking, one setup that I used to have was that I would initially set my computer up to DHCP to get an IP adress. Then I would change the setting to manual. Maybe that'll work.

Have you had a look at this page?

If money is not a big issue, I'd invest in DAVE software.  It makes the configuration much easier.  Here is the link:

We've been using it for about 2 years and have had good results and increased speed.
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