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End of Partitions end of data??

I'm running W98se pIII  750Mhz
20 gig  5/5/10 partitioned.

After a poorly running w98 session, i needed to reboot my system. But there was no boot device available anymore.
my partitions C/D/E were al gone...
Using the W98se startup disk resulted in a RAM drive "C"...  
My HD was compleetly gone...
In the bios it still was there.

There was quite a lot of important data written on it...
Is there any possibility to recover (any of) the written data??

At first I blamed a virus to cause this problem although i have norton anti virus running constantly.
I heard it happens sometime and I have to get over the loss of it...

Anyone on this?
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1 Solution
It seems to be a hardware fault, not the partition table fault. Partition table could fault only in case that you've got repartitioning software running and failed.

Try to run FDISK from Win98 startup disk. If the partition table is really damaged it will display correct HDD capacity, but will not recognize partition table. If the HDD's hardware was failed FDISK probably could not even recognize it.

Verify your HDD cable. Sometimes it leads to problems with data. Try to unblug other IDE devices.

If you will diagnoze a partition table fault with HDD alive you could use some tools such as OnTrack EasyRecovery or Winternals Disk Commander to recover it.
Ouch, most likely your data is gone.  There are data recovery places, but its very expensive.  They usually can recover data even after a repartition and format.  You could try a new cable, or try installing on a second pc as a slave.
Yes, data recovery software unfortunually is very expensive, but the data is more valuable. Just make sure that it is not a hardware fault.

Some service could solve even hardware problems with HDD's. This does not mean that you should use your HDD as before after such repair, but you will have a time to backup your data.

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with the size of the drive you have, most likely it is older and the drive has failed.  you can send it in, if you mention from here, i will inform the office to give a discount.

Free and supposedly VERY good

The newest version of the program and its documentation could be found at:

Ranish partition manager does not recover data does it?

If you want the data recovered, search web for data recovery software...there is lots around or find someone with the software that is willing to help you out...

But it does sound like your problem is merely bios settings... I dont think it is seeing your hard drive properly... Try reconfiguring your BIOS... and check your cabling...

Also, try using fdisk and repair your mbr... might restore the partitions back how they were...  If fdisk doesnt see the drive at all, then you definitely have a problem with bios settings or cables...

Good Luck
Take look at these.


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For 9x/NT/2K/XP. Restore deleted files that are no longer in the Recycle Bin!

Tool to check and undelete partition
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GetDataBack for FAT
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As a tool to 'UNDELETE' files that have been accidentaly deleted.
This feature is implemented for HPFS and NTFS only.


Emergency Undelete
I believe this is free
For Win2000 and NT may work on XP


Hard Drive Mechanic
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GreenkodiakAuthor Commented:
A little more info here...

The HD is quite new... My old 6,2 Gig did not cover al of my needs, so I bought a new one. According to my reciept it was 18 of january this year. It was a new-from-a-box on a PC expo.
If it is a failure I can get a new one so thats not the issue here... It is mainly the Data installed on it...

First I Fdisk-ed the 20 gig to a 10/5/5 partitioned c-,d- & E-drive.
I copied all of the contains from my old HD to the new one, using a small DOS batchtool xcopy/something/something... so everything but one dir were now freshly installed on the new HD.
After that everything was working propperly up to a week ago, when suddenly my HD was unrecognizable.
In the bios, it was the "primairy master", I checked that...
-Is it possible that the bios "sees" the HD but can not instal or read data on it?
-wat would be a good Bios setting for the HD...
Does "auto" not cover it?

And an other thing I forgot to mention but wil be important anough to notice... The bios could not detect a FAT32 type of bootdivice. (if I got it correct)
O jeah, I did not use a partition program besides Fdisk, witch I used when I installed the HD the first time...

The situation up to now is that I have an ol' 1G6 HD installed with W98se.
My scewed up HD is also installed waiting for the right thing to do to recover my data...
Those utilities a I posted are for retrieving data the can't be retrieved in the convetional manner. Most have demo vesrions and the demo will at least show you if it can see the files and if it can see the files chances are good it can retrieve the files.
Did you boot up the drive you ghosted while the the original drive was still hooked up?  This could cause the MBR on one or both drives to be screwed up...

You can fdisk mbr the messed diskdrive... make sure if you do, the other ghost drive is not connected.

Alternatively, you can try booting from nt/2000/xp cd and see if you can do a repair install of the OS (windows) partition, which should restore any lost settings/startup files...  That is of course if the operating system install software can detect your 3 former partitions...

Also, you could try looking at the drive in Partition Magic, you'd have to get a floppy version so you could boot from the Partition Magic floppies and fix the partitions on the messed up diskdrive...

Good Luck! Don't Fdisk or format it yet... This doesnt sound like an unrecoverable problem unless you've done some serious formatting of it since it stopped working...

I do not understand what do you mean under "The bios could not detect a FAT32 type of bootdivice". The BIOS does not detect any file system. It just loads MBR which is stored in the first sector of the HDD into the memory and runs it. MBR is a very small program (512 bytes) which loads system loader and only the system loader (in WinNT/2000/XP - ntldr, in DOS/Win95/98/ME - io.sys, in Linux - lilo, etc.) recognizes the file system to load further data.

Plug your ghosted drive as secondary master (use autodetection) and check if the system will boot from your old 1GB HDD. If it will load OK, try to run FDISK from command line. Use <5> if it will be available. Make a screenshot from window appeared ant place it here. Select your 20GB drive. Use <4> to display partitions information. Place screenshot here. Hit <Esc> to exit FDISK.
GreenkodiakAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the afford guys...
But the Problem is solved!!
A co-worker of mine has a nasty habbit of solving this kind of troubles... ;-)

Seriously, he tried some of programs witch you probably mentioned yourselves in on my topic...
I still havent got the answer wat exactly the problem was, but his first impresion was that the C-drive (the one originaly on my HD) was damaged, due to a virus (witch actualy, he dit not discover) or to dust or whatsoever inside the HD. So basicly a software- or a hardwaredamage.
And the second impression turned out to be that is was a softwareproblem. So probably it was a virus afterall...

Only a small piece of my data is lost. The most importand stuff was stil unharmed.

But... My points...
hard to tell after all the interests you guys showed...
simpel calculation... tx for the 3 answers you gave me, msa 2003...
For all the other people, kind anough to answer my somewhat silly questioning, Thanks for your help!!!
GreenkodiakAuthor Commented:
like I wrote previously, no one actualy solved the problem but my co-worker. But your aford to answer my question and commands up to 3 times counds as a winning answer!


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