networking win.98se

How do I set up 2 computers to run from the same ISP using my dail up server.I want to link 2 computers so both can be on line at same time.I only have dail up.
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You need to install internet connection sharing.
has the info you need

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Hi ocountryb,

Can you supply a bit more info an this 1. Have you networked the two computers already if not do you want help on the networking. ie the eqipment you will need and the configuration, or do you want help on the internet connection sharing, or both???

I will be glad to help if you can explain where you are at this stage1

hi ocountryb,
          First u need two network cards , one cross cable of both end using RJ 45. ( Cross cable for peers while direct cable for pc to hub )I think u better go n purchase one ready made cables for peer to peer if u arent using any hub.
         Then , u need to install the drivers for the network card on both Pcs.If your network card driver is correctly installed , u would see both network ICON on the desktop.With right click down to propertieds, select the workgroup and key in a name for that etc: GroupA on both PCs,leave the rest blank.Then select TCP only for the networkcards;both setting tick on the DHCP mode.Leave the IP blank as u had selected DHCP (after disabling the wins ).Again add Service (file sharing )If this has been set right, you would be able to see both pcs icons appearing with u double click the network icon after both PC reboot. (remember to enable both share by clicking on C drive as sharing (all n no password ) for trial test. See if you can browse after the setting with a reboot.If all is well , then proceed below
       Next , go to control panel,doubleclick the Add programs n u come to a tab , select setup would be promt for a WIN98 CDs.Select the I.E ...tick ICS on the box
(ICS meants Internet Connection Sharing ),be prepare with a
floppy disk when later u would be prompt for .Use this floppy and label client disk , next go to the othe Pc (second PC) and run the client disk...U follow the ON SCREEN advice.
     As for the ISP, only key it in your Host PC ,as for the client , u would be automatically point to the HOST once the Client disk is been setup.Remember to reboot both PC after setup. (This work only if both PC is set to DHCP )

IF u are able to come to this point , remember to Setup a firewall if u are online.
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