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Any tips for rebuilding windows 2000 PC?

I've been running W2K on my home PC for almost 2.5 years now, but Windows has started to run flaky on me (lost IIS, printing problems etc.), so I think it's time to rebuild.

Does anyone have any top tips or potted guidance on how to rebuild the PC from scratch (using manufacturer's build disk), particularly:
- re-establishing internet access,
- adding patches,
- re-installing apps,
- getting back my inbox etc.

I don't think now is the time for trial and error, I'd like to take a day and plan the rebuild properly.  

Tips and guidance are much appreciated, particularly from those of you who do this every day!


2 Solutions

Use the backup program to backup anything you think you might need down to a file on HD.

Move this file to another computer on the LAN if you have that, or burn it onto CDs.

If you really want a backup that sin't liekly to fail restoring.

One other way of doing is:
Uninstall most of the prorgams you have installed.
To get sizes down.

Keep cd burning program.

Use your cdrw program to take a backup of the entire drive.

You never know, you might miss something if you are selective.

When this is done reinstall, install all needed apps.
Get the CDs and restore the data you think you will still need.

When this is done keep CDs so you in the future can go back and search for that file you know you had but don't remember where you put.

Hans - Erik Skyttberg
My advice is to buy a NEW hard drive and replace your old one with this new one.  Then do a FRESH install, put your old drive in as a secondary and copy any data you need over.

Keep it around as a backup when you remember that "one last thing" you needed off the old system.
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