Reinstall ATI 8500DV, keeps saying "Setup was unable to complete the install. Try to setup with standard VGA drivers"

When I do a reinstall of the 8500DV I get the following message.

"Setup was unable to complete the install. Try to setup your display with standard VGA drivers before running setup. " 

The install of all the other modules goes through and then I reboot.  
I get this message.

“  ATI control panel failed to initialize because no ATI driver is installed or ATI driver is not working properly.  The ATI control panel will now exit. “

This happens every time. Even when I delete the old drivers, delete the registry entries as most peoples  directions say and bring it up in VGA mode or in SAFE VGA mode  and reinstall, I still get the same VGA message.

Is there some trick I am missing. ATI is not much help. Thanks for any help you can provide. Glenn Sullivan

Thank you for your assistance

ATI info
Graphics card mfg     ATI technologies inc.
Graphics chipset     ATI R-200
Device ID          4242
Vendor ID           1002
Subsystem ID          02AA1002
Subsystem vendor ID     1002
Bios part #            113-84801-104
Bus type           AGP  1X,2X,4X
Video Memory     64MB      SDR SGRAM 2:1
Primary display      Yes
Display driver ver.     Not detected
VGA status             Enabled

System info
CPU               Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
Motherboard Chipset     1039:0646  rev 0
System mem          1024 MB
OS                Windows XP (5.01.2600) service pack 1
DirectX version     09.00.0900
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Before you install the ATI driver, make sure you have already installed the AGP drivers of your motherboard chipset.

Remove the graphics driver installed including all software/programs associated with it.

On next reboot, choose to install the 'standard VGA driver' then install the drivers that came with your card. =)
Please do not try to remove any programs through the registry.

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I am now also having this problem, my system specs are slightly different.  We both have Intel chipsets.  The intel site says that it does not have APG chipset drivers available for the 845 chipset.  My previous video card was an NVIDIA APG that worked just fine with this motherboard and operating system.  

I tried doing what galloglass said, here are the problems with that.  

1. I believe I have the right AGP drivers for my motherboard, this logic is based on the fact that my previous AGP card worked fine.  I also downloaded all possible files for my 845 chipset from

2. My previous NVIDIA card is completely gone, and there is no instance of software relating to it in "add/remove programs."  Previously the software for the card was still installed, I uninstalled it and that did not help.

3. Upon reboot and hardware dection I never have the ability to choose "Standard VGA Driver" like users of Windows 98SE.  

Additionally, it finds two cards the Radeon 9600 Pro and Radeon 9600 Pro Secondary.  I have tried to go through driver install process with both "detections."  When specifying the CD that came with my graphics card and using the file it finds, it says it doesn't support windows 2000 even though the INF file is labeled 2k.  The same thing happens for the Pro and Pro Secondary.  I even tried downloading drivers from and it gives a failure every time I point to one of those extracted INF files.

Please help!!
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