Primary IDE Channel no 80 bus conductor is not installed

i have samsung 20GB harddisk,6.00PG Award BIOS On Azza 815tm mainboard having latest drivers installed.
--->>>At very first screen(when i switch on the computer)
i will recieve a message below HDD detection given below:

Primary IDE Channel no 80 bus conductor is not installed

My system works well .No problem of any kind.Tell Me waht is cause of getting this error message.

Os : Window ME
Ram : 128 MB
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nwmsugradConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you need a new cable to your harddrive the 40 pin 80-conductor cable is a newer cable required by your current harddrive
you can get one at about any computer shop
It's not an error message as such just an alert to let you know you are not running your hard drive at optimal if it's attached to a 40 pin cable. No harm done if you continue to use the 40 pin cable just you're not getting the best out of your PC if you do.
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Silver ShroudCommented:
Actually, if your hdd is ATA100 there IS harm done.
At those transfer rates the EMF signals generated will corrupt data & cause read/write errors & data loss.
The extra wires in the 80-conductor cable provide the shielding necessary to prevent the data corruption.
Also, if you have only one hdd it needs to be on the very end of the cable as the loose end can act as an antenna and pick all sorts of bad EMF with the same results.
The 80-conductor 40 pin cable is recommended for ATA66 and is manditory for ATA100 transfer [and above].
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Silver ShroudCommented:
nwmsugrad posted the correct answer.
I provided the details but that person's answer is correct & the first post.
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