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AIM Profile Spaces

I'm trying to make a server that'll host for AIM profiles. I'm running an Apache server and there's a little problem with it.

When it encounters a screen name with a space in it - it flukes and messes up. It calls it a bad request, because simply put - it is one.

I was wondering if there was a work around.

If you still don't get what I mean...

The link would like: <a href="http://server/profile?name=blippidy bop">link</a> and when requesting it would send that. It won't replace the space with "%20"

So the raw request would look like:
GET /profile?blippidy bop HTTP/1.0
instead of
GET /profile?blippidy%20bop HTTP/1.0

Sooo... ... ... Is there settings I can change? Something I can do to make it read it right?
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No there si nothing you can do about this on the server side.

Cause the server is only supposed to return what the client is asking for.

That conversion needs to be done on client side.

I did a little test on my apache.
I created a dir called "test 1"

Surfed to is with explorer and netscape both browsers exchanged the space for %20.

You either need to change the link, so it includes %20 to begin with or use a client the makes the conversion.

/Hans - Erik Skyttberg
the GET command cannot contain white spaces in the URL, they must be URL-encoded by the sender (browser),
see RFC 2616 and 2396 for example at http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/
Server and client are resonsibel for en-/decoding according RFCs.
ithicAuthor Commented:
heskyttberg - that doesn't work because AIM Profiles won't allow you to change the spaces to %20 -- it's a very primitive program. Believe me - I would've done that if I could.

ahoffmann - I realize this. But AIM profiles breaks the rules and I was simply wondering if you could tweak Apache settings to accept this and give a possible work around.

So I took to messing with Apache settings and did various changes to that and some stuff happened. I can't tell you exactly what I did because I'm not sure what I did. But it'll pass the thing over to a file and into PHP where I can manage the space problem.

The question of how on god's green earth I did this - I don't know.

Thanks for the effort but none of what you two said really helped or added to what I already knew. Regardless, the problem's solved.
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