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How to convert 24fps to 29fps without lossing sync to audio

I have a DivX video that I downloaded. I converted it to mpg so I could watch it on my dvd player, but since the movie is at 24fps its kinda jerky. So I converted it to 29fps, but now the audio and video are out of sync. How can I correct this without using 3:2 pulldown method?
2 Solutions
Youre cramming 29fps into the space that 24 frames once occupied. But your audio isnt measured in frames so naturally the video progresses faster than the audio. You can speed up the audio, or leave the movie at 24fps. This is of course besides the fact that by going to 29fps your whole movie is going to move a little faster than it once did. Itll be like watching an old black and white silent film where everyone seems to do things at super human speed.
ShadowFoxZeroAuthor Commented:
What program do i use to speed up the audio?
You dont want to do that. Speeding up the audio usually makes things sound high pitch and squeaky.
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speeding it up will make the pitch rise, like weed says, you want to transpose the sound so that it goes faster but keeps the same pitch, i've been looking to find a program to do this effectively for a while, so will be watching to see if anyone posts a good answer ;) to speed it up though, you can use sonic foundry sound forge to set the new time for the sound, will keep you going until you find a transposer, just set the sound file's new time to that of the video, may need a bit of tinkering to get it exactly right but will do the job to make the video watchable at least
Increasing the fps alone won't help much.  Use something like JASC Animation shop (the new one can do sound too) and "reform movie" just set the speed setting higher.

24 fps is the standard DVD fps though...  So this "jerky" might be caused by soemthing else, like low system specs.
i agree with sanker. You really dont want to speed up the fps of the movie. Try freeing up more resources or getting another divx decoder - or trying another player with the same divx decoder. Divx on my P4 2.4 is choppy if i play it thru win media player.

I have made "backup" copies of a DVD before (purely for testing purposes) and in my experience, once the audio gets out of sync, it is nearly impossible to get it right again. I have spent hours just getting it close, and it will drive you crazy when you are watching it.
i think your best bet is to use 3:2 pulldown, even though u want to avoid it... i would use Tmpgenc www.tmpgenc.net to encode, load the divx file, and under settings and advanced select 3:2 pulldown to convert it from 24 fps to 29.97/30 fps.

tmpgenc also has templates for vcd/svcd/dvd formats, so you have less of a chance of messing sumthin up.

either way i just wanna say that i think Tmpgenc is the best mpg 1 & 2 encoder... it rocks
hello!this is the best website I find,
good luck.
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