internet connection really slow

heres the deal

my bro has a pc running win xp and i have a mac g4 400 os 9.1 and  we share a cable connection. i dont know how he setup the network but all he did was throw me up a cable and i just plugged it into my ethernet hole changed my tcp/ip to ethernet>dhcp and my internet was fast. ok this was a year ago and i didnt have no problems until this past month where my internet connection is really slow. its not just my browser because my aim is slow and my aol doesnt even connect. but his computer is still fast. now hes hasnt been around for me to ask him but in his room he has a cable modem and i think thats connected to the ethernet hub and my cable line is coming from that to my comp. i tried everything. trashed my tcp/ip prefs, unplugged the cable modem, even reformatted. sometimes i would just switch my cable line and put it into the other ethernet hole in the hub and restart and i would get fast internet for like 5 minutes then it gets really slow again. the only other time i would get fast internet is sometimes when my bro comes home and uses his comp but that will only last a few minutes. ahhh this is really fustrating. i dont think its the cable signal because my bro gets fast internet. i dont thinks its soemthing to do with a corrupt tcp/ip because i formatted and same problem. i dont think its my bros comp settings because he told me he hasnt chnaged anything. maybe its my ethernet card or something? but then it was working for over a year so how can it be my ethenet card. does anyone know what else i can try. i have asked so many ppl posted on many forums and no one knows. i know my writing is bad but i hope you understand my problem.

heres my network info if it helps

Network overview
Ethernet built-in     Link:     up     Speed:     100 Mbps     Duplex:     full    
          Name:     Power Mac G4 (AGP graphics) Internal 56K
          Protocol:     V.90
          Version:     V2.200-V90
          Status:     Information gathered.
Open Transport
     Installed:     Yes
     Active:     Yes
     Version:     2.6
          Installed:     Yes
          Active:     Yes
          Version:     60
          File sharing:     is off
          Default AppleTalk zone:     Not available
          Active network port(s):     Ethernet built-in
          This network:     65280
          This node:     128
          Router:     <not available>
          Hardware Address:
          Installed:     Yes
          Active:     Yes
          Version:     2.6
          Personal Web Sharing:     is off
          IP address:    
          Default gateway address:    
          Name server address:    

(left out the ip address,etc just in case someone can hack me haha)
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jpsnetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You mention that your 'cable line' is coming from the outside. Are you refering to the ethernet cable? If so, and unless you are using outdoor rated Cat5 or better cable, I would definitely look closely at that cable. Did you terminate the ends of the cable yourself, or was the cable purchased with terminated ends? A new cable running down the hall to your bro's room would be a fairly inexpensive way to approach this problem.

I know you said the modem connection seems slower, but maybe that's because you got used to the cable modem speed. One way to check actual link speed is to go to a site like In the Tools section, you will find a link speed test.

Just some thoughts....

kidxsaiAuthor Commented:
ok so i reformatted once again. same problem persists. i also dialed up using my internal modem and although remote access said i was connected at 45333bps it was still very slow. even for dial up. so now im thinking maybe it has nothing to do with the ethernet or the cable or the network.  cause i just tried connectiing via dialup and it is very slow. i used dialup before i got my cable and i know it wasnt this slow. so err maybe its something wrong with my computer.
Not likely to be something wrong with your computer. Computers either work, or they dont. They dont get alzheimers and slow down. Might have something to do with your ethernet speed. Its at 100 full duplex. Might want to download the tweaks from apple to force 100 half duplex. I dont know how youre getting your IP either but if its DHCP that could be an issue too.

Lastly, there is absolutely no reason to be running 9.1 on a G4. That machine is more than capable of 9.2.2 and the 9.2.2 updates are free. Use them.
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kidxsaiAuthor Commented:
i had 9.2 on my g4 and i had this problem so i formatted now im on 9.1 and it still dont work. yea im using dhcp.

how would i change it to 100 half duplex? do u think it could be my cable line? its coming from outside. maybe the cold weather or snow could of affected it after a long time
9.2.2 is what you should be using. They release point updates for a reason, to fix bugs.

Cable connections are known for being slow at peak hours. More likely than the weather affecting it.
have you tried plugging into the ethernet cable coming out of the modem, because it could be a problem with the hub and not your machine
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