Data verification fails with Nero Express when DMA is enabled.


Nero Express 5.5.10 will 'successfully' create a CD, however, when I verify the data, always will report a verification error prompting that a few files are different to the original.

If I disable DMA, it seems to fix this problem.

My system specifications are:
AMD XP 2200
MSI KT4 Ultra (SATA, RAID, Bluetooth, USB2.0 - FISR)
512MB 400Mhz DDR-RAM (Certified for my MSI Board)
Leadtek GeForce3 64MB 3D Prophet
Western Digital 80GB Hard Disk - (Pri) 8MB Cache 7200rpm
Seagate 80GB Hard Disk (Sec) - 7200rpm
LG 52x24x52 CD-RW (8520B)
350watt Huntkey Power Supply - AMD Certified
Windows XP Professional SP1
Nero Express 5.5.10
  Note:  System has never been overclocked.

Things I have tried, without success:
- Flash the CD-RW to the lastest firmware
- Reinstall OS and Nero and used only generic drivers
- VIA 4-in-1 Hypherion Drivers
- Replaced with LG 48x24x48x
- Replaced RAM with 512 333Mhz
- Reset BIOS to Default Values
- Replaced Secondary IDE Cable with ATA/100
- Burning different files
- Using full version of Nero
- Run full scandisk on both drives
- Removed the DVD-ROM in case of 'interference'
- Tried different media
- Tried slowing the burn right down

I've run out of idea's, other than taking the motherboard back to be replaced.  I have a friend with a very similar configuration and everything works fine.

I would like to allocate more points, however, I only have a total of 75points to begin with.  Sorry.  :(

Adelaide, Aust.
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  According to Nero Support,,DMA option to OFF.

DMA Option
As of Windows 95b, for the IDE drives it is possible to set whether the data is transported in DMA mode or not. Although the DMA mode increases the speed, it often causes incorrect work by CD Writer Therefore this option should be turned off:
Please click on Start->Settings->Control Panel->System->Device Manager->CD-ROM

Now select your CD-ROM or CD Writer to be selected and in settings deactivate the option DMA . Afterwards it is necessary to restart Windows.

In NT it is also possible to activate or deactivate the DMA mode. To do so, please use the Program DMACheck which on the SP3 CD (or SP4 / SP5) in directory Support\Utils\i386 . If you do not have this CD, you can download the program from the following Internet address: 
Note: IT is possible that when atartign this program you will receive the error message: No IDE/ATAPI Devices detected
Reason: The program DMACHECK woudl appear only to start if original Microsoft drivers are used.

Solution: Manually deactivate the DMA. Please open the registry and change to the following key:


There, set the value of the following variable to 0: DmaDetectionLevel

Then restart Windows.

Note: It is possible that Nero will not start correctly any more after activating DMA don't start correctly any more.
If you have a mainboard with an Intel chipset, then you should replace the standard IDE driver ATAPI.SYS with the PIIXIDE.SYS driver. The driver can be downloaded from the following address:

Hope this helps.

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pig_monsterAuthor Commented:
I wonder why I've used this exact hardware configuration twice so far and I'm the only one with the problem?


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