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HP scanjet 3300c problem in XP

Ever since I upgraded to Windows XP my 3300c scanner doesn't work properly anymore. When I try to use the HP copyutility (hpipcopy.exe)it doesn't start scanning when I click on the Copy button. I get an error window after shutting the program down with the X in the corner.
I've got a Dutch version of windows but translated the message is: The instruction at 0x683159a1 refers to memory at 0x00000004. The read or write in the memory failed. The other program that came with it (HP precisionscan LT) just tells me that an undefined error has occurred [2117].
The scanner does scan with the windows scan wizard but that is not very good.
Any help would be appreciated,Thanks.
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Update the driver and try to scan. The driver can find here:

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hey! if you have windows XP whatever you do dont install the HP Software I am talking about the one HP has on their website thats 54MB in size.  This doesnt not work whatever you do. There is however a workround if the HP software has been installed then first remove the PrecisionScan software then remove all registry entries for HP PrecisionScan all related driver files like


after the system has been cleaned of these files restart the PC, connect the scanner it will automatically pick up the Micorosft's HP 3300C scanner driver. You should now be able to use the Scanner & Camera Wizard you can find this in control panel. Try doing a preview first, if it gives you an error saying the device is being used by another application, and try again this happens initially till the scanner is kickstarted of course this happens very often so be ready to try again and again and again....need I say more ;) Microsoft & HP what can one say?

If the scanner comes under unknown device then do a repair and reinstall in Windows XP (let me know if you want steps for that)

always keep the scanner disconnected till windows XP takes you to the desktop power up the scanner with the PC but do not connect the scanner, this is only necessary for one-time initially after XP detects it  then you can continue to keep it connected. also do not forget to disable power managerment on your USB Root hubs

Let me know if you need any more assitance.

I have been fighting this problem for months now, tried everything that HP suggest, nothing works except the following:

Right click “My Computer”
Select “Manage”
Click the + Sign at “Service & Applications”
Click “Service”
Scroll down and select “Windows Image Acquisition”
Right click and select “Properties”
Change startup type to “Disable”
Click “Apply” then “Exit”
Restart computer.

Please let me know if this fixes it.  This turns off the Windows Imaging Application, apparenty this conflicts with the HP drivers.

I can't tell you how many times I removed the HP PrecisionScan software and reinstalled and still can't get it to work.  This after planning ahead and purchasing the CD at $10 to make my life easier when I bought a new system running Win XP.

I no longer have any faith in HP.  I have been using the scanner with the Windows Scanner Wizard but I miss the Copy feature.

I want to try the comment from watking and wonder if the HP PrecisionScan software will work it I do that.

Had the same troubles as described here. Found the following solution at the HP site. Was quite difficult to read on my PC so I 'translated' a bit.
Dutch win XP translation between (..)

Right click in the explorer (verkenner)  on <My Computer>  (Mijn computer)
Select  in left half of the new window <manage> (Beheren)
Click the + Sign at <Service & Applications> (Service en toepassingen)
Click on <Services>
In right part of window Scroll down and select <Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)>
Right click and select <Properties> (Eigenschappen)
Change at label [startup type] (Opstarttype) to <Disabled> (Uitgeschakeld)
Clickon <Apply> then <Exit>  (toepassen) dan (OK)
shutdown all windows
Restart computer.

good luck

thaanks to the answer of "utop" found on
Hi there!

I have the same painstaking problem: the HP software isn't compatible with XP Pro.
I contacted HP and followed all their suggestions (even deleting the WINDOWS drivers!!!) and now my ScanJet 3300C doesn't work, either with Windows or HP software !!! The last reply from HP :"update your XP operative system"
Now my scanner doesn't work at all, and Windows detects a "strange" device: SCANJET 3300C #2 inside the Scanner & Camera Wizard, and there is something like a camera attached to it. When clicking over it, the only options available are "Unistall" and "Properties"
Can anyone help me? Or even sending me the original XP Pro drivers for the scanner -I think they are placed at C:\Windows\System32-?
Thanks a lot

I wrestled with the 3300c and XP Pro for many, many (!!) hours. I tried every solution I could find on the internet .... without luck. Finally, I managed to get the scanner going again.

I followed a long procedure. You can read about it on:

I hope it works for you too!


¡ Hi There !

Sorry for the delay, but I have been looking into the matter and I have finally "solved" my problem. After trying everything I had found on the Internet (and obviously failing to improve anything) I decided to "re-install" my Operative System (XP Pro) and get the SP1. After that, I used "Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)" to make the Scanner run ... and so long.
I have been unable to make the "HP Software" run under XP Pro, so I use WIA, which simply does the job.
I know it isn't anything extraordinary, but for me, it worked.

Hpoe you find a better solution ;-)
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I tried your method and it still does not work.

Any other ideas.

I had my HP 3300c scanner working fine with Windows XP Home Edition. I tried to upgrade to Pro and the setup program told me that the HP 3300c scanner was not compatible because the driver had not undergone windows xp logo testing. It advised me to cancel setup which I did. But after that Windows is not able to recognize the scanner. Please help.
Try this one:

Finally, it works!!
It has cost me many, many hours, but I refused to throw my 3300c scanner away just because I upgraded to XP. I have tried every solution that was available on the interent, without any luck. Finally, the Dutch HP Helpdesk gave me the right solution.

Below you'll find a long list of steps. I am not sure whether they are all needed, but when I took this path it worked for me. In short it all comes down to removing EVERYTHING that reminds of the HP scanner and than install again following certain steps. Good luck!

1. Uninstall the software (use the uninstall procedure).

2. Make sure you reboot without background programs:

Click Start\Run and type msconfig: remove all &#8730; at the startup-tab.

3. Shutdown the PC.

4. Disconnect the scanner from the PC and unplug the power of the scanner.

5. Start the PC.

6. Remove remaining Registry-settings

Click on Start\Run and type regedit.
(If the removal is not allowed, rightclick on the registry-key and change the Permissions.)
Hkey_current_user/software/hewlett packard
Hkey_local_machine/software/hewlett packard
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Enum/USB/VID... PID_0205

7. Remove remaining files in Windows directories:

- Goto Windows\Inf and rename
- Click Start\Run and type twain_32: delete everything from the directory that opens.
- Click Start\Run and type temp: delete everything from the directory that opens.

8. Empty your Recycle bin.

9. Remove USB-controllers:

Right-click My Computer and choose Properties\Hardware\Device Manager
Click on X before USB-controllers
Remove USB Main Hubs or USB Root Hubs or USB Basic Hubs (select the item and hit Delete).

10. Close all open windows.

11. Reboot the PC.

12. Install the HP software again.

13. Reconnect the power of the scanner.

14. Reconnect the scanner to the PC.

The computer notifies you that new hardware was found and the drivers will be installed automatically.

15. Make sure you reboot with background programs:

Click Start\Run and type msconfig: mark all programs again at the startup-tab.

16. Reboot to make this effective.

Your scanner should work!!  

Again, I am not sure whether all steps are necessary, or whether the sequence I describe is compulsory, but when I followed this procedure it worked.