howto transfer internet-explorer settings from PC1 to PC2

I made many customizations to my internet explorer and i don't want to repeat the customization when i work on another win98 system. i need a simple way to keep both MSIE intallations identical.

Source system: msie5 on win98
Target system: also msie5 on win98
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what kind of customizations? some are set in the registry, while third party add-ons may be kept in a different area of the reg.
you can export your favorites from the file -->import and export, and follow the wizard

you can check out aloha bob
Prepare CD or ZIP the following way:

1. Copy to it C:\WINDOWS\Cookies folder
2. Copy to it C:\WINDOWS\Favorites folder
3. Run "Start\Run...", enter "regedit" and hit "OK". Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer. Use Registry\Export registry file to save this key (not all registry) to the folder you designed to store your internet settings.

On the computer where you wont to implement these settings:
1. Copy "Cookies" folder and "Favorites" folder to the corresponding folders into the C:\WINDOWS folder.
2. Run registry file.
3. Tune some IE settings to mutch the local configurations (i. e. paths and so on).
4. Enjoy it ;)

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Once again, a real thankyou for your help with MSIE. Your answer did help, that's why I accepted it as answer.
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