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Needing Instructions for Merging Two Partitions

Hi Everyone:

      I am interested in knowing the proper procedures in merging two partitions on a harddrive using Partition Magic 7.0.  When I attemted to do this the other night, I ran into some problems, thus, indicating that I may not be doing it right.  The two partitions involved is C: (Primary Partition) and D: (Extended Partition).  The extended partition was created by the Compaq software which came with the Compaq computer.  I was able removed the Volume Label and data from the D: drive using Partition Magic. However, I was trying to merge the two partitions at the same time, hence, having two operations going on at the same time.  I believe the merging of the two partitions would had gone well if I had not tried doing both operations simultaneously.  When I restarted the computer, I got a looping error message indicating the drive could not be mounted.  To fix this problem, I simply used the Repair Feature from the Windows XP Professional and reinstalled the OS, thus, keeping the desktop settings, driver information, and data intact.  
And, the problem went away after that point.  I went back into My Computer and looked at D: drive.  The drive is wiped and has no volume label.  However, I still want to merge it with C:

      Any thoughts on how I can do this using Partition Magic 7.0 will greatly be appreciated.  I have done this procedure before and everything worked fine.  Hopefully, since this is a Compaq computer, this will not be a problem.

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions for this posted question.

      I look forward to hearing from everybody.

1 Solution
If the D: drive is wiped out you should be able to expand the C: partition to fill the blank space left by the D:

dbrunton is correct.

1) Take everything off of your "D" partition.

2) Using Partition Magic, delete the D partition

3) Expand the C partition to fill the entire disk.

GMartinAuthor Commented:

      With respect to the mechanics of how to expand the C partition, what are the steps with Partition Magic 7.0 for doing it?

       Thank you.

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PM7 has a graphical interface iirc - just drag the bar denoting the C drive to the end and apply changes.

I'll take a look at PM7 again tonight if no-one else can explain in more detail.
If your using Windows XP, I would suggest an upgrade to PM 8. 8 will merge NTFS partitionsthout problems
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone:

      Thanks so much for the excellent feedback.  I found the instructions simple and easy to follow.


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