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ATI RADEON 7500: Stuttering; slow down with hardware acceleration >on fast system!

HI all,
i have a radeon 7500 (64 megs ddr, tv out, etc) running on my pentium 4 2.4 ghz 512 mb ram system, with 80 gig hdd with 8 meg buffer,(DMA is enabled on all drives and hard drive) which is all bloody fast, but when i enable hardware acceleration on apps like power dvd (newest version) in win 98 SE it stutters and will not play right at all. occasionally this happens with games too,. i figure my system is fast and should be able to handle this.. so it's pissing me off quite a bit. i am wondering if it is a windows 98 thing.. but if you guys could help me narrow it down, that would be nice, i have no problem upgrading to win xp, but i've had quite a few set up problems until now and hate to have to go and do it all over again right away.. any other suggestions would be very helpful! thanks in advance
4 Solutions
Your system is certainly fast enought to warrant a xp upgrade. If your serious about a xp upgrade in the near i would go ahead and do thay before trying to fix a 98 problem that is likely not to be an issue in xp

As far as your dvd goes xp has built in dvd support so you probably wont even need power dvd

although on my hardware xp dvd software decoder cause some problems and im able to use power dvd without any problems

A upgrade to xp will also make your system far more stable since upgrading to xp I have had three week streches without having to reboot while sometimes rebooting 98 serveral times a day.

If you not contemplating a upgrade anytime soon the first thing i would try is to go to www.download.com and try some other software dvd decoder ussually they have 30 day free trial and see if the same problem develops

Are you using the latest driver? Do you have all of the updates? Direct X 9?
starmartyrAuthor Commented:
i have the latest everything, including direct X, except for win XP so i'm wondering what the issue is (if not win 98) funny though, on my old system; a pentium II 500 mhz with a ndvidea riva tnt 16 mb video card can use hardware acceleration.. which works fine. of course, everything seems more stable on my old rig, and i've had nothing but problems with my new system untill recently when i've settled pretty much everything. which is why i'm hesitant to go to win xp, as i will have to set everything up again. i guess i should have upgraded before anything else, but i kinda like win 98se.. oh well. i'll do what has to be done i guess!
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What did you have problems with on the 98 machene?
starmartyrAuthor Commented:
oh, both are 98SE systems, modder, just my older one (the 500 mhz) was more stable. i've had all sorts of problems on my new machine that i won't get into, they are not really related.. but frustrating nonetheless.
it's probably because windows 98 is sooo old. It's still based on the DOS operating system! NT is much more stable, powerful, and faster! Plus it plays all of the games (exept maybe DOS games).

I have installed XP on many computers I haven't had any troubles at all!
starmartyrAuthor Commented:
well thanks all for the help.! i guess i'll have to switch to XP, heh, but i guess it's not a huge problem with the graphics. just is a bit frustrating. thanks
Try WinDVD 4. I had a computer which played up left, right and centre using POWER DVD. WinDVD 4 works a treat!
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
No, there is no real need for you to upgrade to XP (though I do recommend it, its a huge improvement over 98, especially on a system with the hardware you have!)  Also, XP does *NOT* have built-in DVD playback support; you still have to have a DVD codec installed (rather a DirectShow filter that MediaPlayer can use, such as Intervideo's WinDVD codec or other).

Are you sure you're using the latest Win98 driver for your card?  This page has ATI's Catalyst 3.1 driver for 98:

Also, assuming you have a retail ATI card, you can get the ATI DVD player from this page:
You must have the original CD that came with the card to install it however.

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