AOL Instant Messager- Can't connect to server

I tried to install AOL IM on my WIn2K home system, where I use DSL through Verizon, and I can't connect. It says "the aim service can't be reached".  THe setup tab is set for LAN ( my DSL is connected through WinPoet through an ethernet card), the host is set to:     and the port is:5190.

Verizon and AOL won't help me solve the problem (I don't have an AOL account).
Any idea what's wrong?

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Fist of all, it may just be that the AIm server is overloaded at the moment, and that you should try again in a few minutes. That's probably not the case, though. Do you have a software firewall(such as ZoneAlarm) or Norton Internet Security that's preventing AIm from acessing the internet? You may need to change settings there. Did you try using auto configure in the connection settings? The most reasonable thing to do, though, is to set the connection to modem. I have cable and a LAN, and I connect just fine with it set to modem. If it doesn't work, you cna always change back. Hope this helps!

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