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Since I am traveling around the world for the next 2 years, I'd like to write my own webmail program in perl(just because I don't like hotmail or GMX etc......). I already have written the mail-program itself. So I am able to send emails, they are stored on the server.....
The problem I am experiencing now is that I have no idea how to collect the emails from my pop3 account. Could somebody please help me with that, or point out an internet-link where this question is already been answered.

Thank you


I do not have more points. However, I will give the person who gives me an correct answer more points next month. Hopefully you unterstand and try to support me anyway.

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samriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Chris,

Since you already have some Perl coding experience, perhaps you may want to you Mail::Pop3Client Perl module to do that;

Some module documentation.

I use neomail http://neomail.sourceforge.net/

Even though it is no longer being developed, it is still a great piece of software and well written.
I use qdpop. It is discontinued but I can give you a url to download it?
YellowHippyAuthor Commented:
That would be great.
you can download it from www.lotusinternet.co.uk/qdpop.zip
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