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Perl md5 installation on windows platform on perl version 5.0 nhow to use the md5 to hash password

Its for windows and perl version

I am trying to encrypt a password using MD5 perl hash algorithm but while doing so im getting the error: "can't locate loadable object for module Digest::MD5 in @INC.

How do i install the missing file, please tell me the steps to follow,i really need this.

use MD5;
$md5 = new MD5;
$hash = MD5->hexhash(MD5->hexhash ($Password));
print "$hash\n";
I try using this code but it need MD5.pm how do i install this file
use Digest::MD5  qw(md5 md5_hex md5_base64);
$digest = md5($Pass);
print "$digest\n";

I tried typing ppm, then search digest but I did not get any result ie I dont see Digest-Perl-MD5. Could you plz give me a solution. Where do I get the Digest-Perl-MD5 algorithm and where do I save it to install in is it in the bin directory of perl. Im a bit confuse I dont know what to do plz help.

Plz tell me where to get the Perl-MD5 hash algorithm, where do I save it and how do I install it, and the code to use to call it inorder to get a hash value of a particular password.

THe error when i am install md5 is as follows:"cannot locate PPD file for package md5
1 Solution
PPM seems to have Digest-Perl-MD5 now.

In the PPM shell, enter install Digest-Perl-MD5

I'm running ActivePerl 5.6, not 5.8, so maybe they haven't added it to the 5.8 repository.
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