XML Node Access

Hi everybody,

I have a strange problem here, might look simple but am not gettin' the stuff....

I just wannu access a node in an XML file based on its count.

say I have .DomDocument.DocumentElement.childnodes.length yielding me 10 and I have to access the contents(children) of 8th node.
n this has to be carried out dynamically.

cld anyone of u plz help me with this??

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The easiest way to do this is to use XPath.  With XPath, you can get to the exact node you're looking for without having to create other node objects to get there.

See link below:

Not sure which language you're using or I'd post a more specific example.

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Hi Anand,
for example if you have an xml file and you make an object xmlSrc based on that file.And say you have a root element named HOMEPAGE and it has 10 children (or more)

var nodelist=xmlSrc.selectNodes("//HOMEPAGE);

nodelist[0].childNodes[7].text -->will give you the innerText of the 8th node

nodelist[0].childNodes[7].getAttribute("id"); -->will give you the attribute "id" (if you assign it).
nodelist is an array of root elements and because you have only one, nodelist[0] is the only root element.

Hope it helps you,


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