refresh browser without losing page data

hello all,
I have a page which has to be refreshed according to a
certain action taken by the user.
The problem is once the page is refreshed ,all the data
that was in the form before (text fields,text area etc.)
is now blank and the user has to wrire the whole thing again.
I know the solution is related to the <div> tag and hidden iframe and some JSP,but i can seem to make the connection and solve this problem.

thank you for your kind help
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Refresh the page by using the submit method of your form and using the same page as the action target. When starting the page, in JSP code, use request.getParameter() to collect the values it already had, and insert them in the form. You can send then via post method.

Be careful those values can be null for the first time the page loads.

I think this code should work for u. Check out let me know.

     String strProcess = "";
     String strData = "";

     try {
          strProcess = request.getParameter("Process");
     catch(Exception e) {
          strProcess = "";

     if ((strProcess != null) && (!strProcess.equals("")) && (strProcess.equals("Y"))) {
          strData = request.getParameter("TxtChecker");
<script language = "JavaScript">
function goCheck(FrmName) {
     var strData = document.forms[FrmName].elements['TxtChecker'].value;
     if (strData == "") {
          alert("Enter a value in Textbox!");
          return false;
     else {

<form name = "FrmCheck" method = "POST" action = "test.jsp">
<input type = "text" name = "TxtChecker" value = "<%=strData%>">
<input type = "hidden" name = "Process" value = "Y">
<input type = "button" name = "Check" value = "Try" onClick = "javascript:goCheck('FrmCheck');">

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