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Loose hard drive cause problems?

I recently installed a new hard drive for my brother into his computer.  I opened up the computer and found out that there was no place to put a second hard drive.  I ended up installing it by letting it hang in there and rest at the bottom of the case.  My question is, if the hard drive is used a lot, will there be any problems with vibrations since it is not screwed in anywhere?

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Hello KGhoops,
It hanging trhere should not be a big deal however there are a few problems to recognize.  Whenever the PC is moved, the harddrive will have the potential of getting damaged.  Being it is not adhered to any metal, it may be potential to building up static electricity, which is of course not good.  My recommendation is if you definitely cannot find a place to mount it.  Then either mount it to the bottom of the case using threaded screws or vencro it to avoid it from moving.
No problem with having the hdd at the bottom of the case other than when you move the pc as it might get damaged. pratigan's solutions will work however another one is to buy some small drive rack brackets (cost USD2) and add the hdd to the bottom of the stack of drives already there. I've had to do it for CDROM drives and it is very straightforward.

Hmm, it might affect the cooling of the rest of the PC if it blocks an air vent - I think patrickab has the best idea.
kghoopsAuthor Commented:
Thanks, this seems like the easiest to do.  Didn't even think of buying an extra bracket.
Pleased to help - hope it sorts it out well.

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